360 freezing up. FML!

So, yeah, my Xbox started freezing up. This usually means it's about to die. I've already gone through this Red Ring-bullcrap 3 times. This is not coming at an opportune time


Shit just got real!

So Vinny's claim that Sigourney and Weaver were voiced by the same actor was wrong, but get this...
Destructoid unveiled that York was voiced by... GODDAMN SEAMAN!

Creepy, dudes. I'm officially frightened.
And for those who don't know Seaman...


Happy birthday, legal porn!

So, it's not really today, but listening to last wekks Bombcast made me think that Denmark deserves a little credit, so here it goes.
In 1969, 40 years ago, Denmark legalized porn as the first country in the world!
So that's great.


Twitter = stalkers!!!

I recently created a twitter account, mainly for fun, but also so I can follow the people I find interesting. I've had it for about 3 days, and have only typed in one message, that was one message. But somehow, I already have 2 followers... for NO god damn reason. I don't know anyone on twitter, so it's not any of my friends, and I haven't told anyone.

What kind of people would follow a total nobody for no reason? I'm feeling a bit creeped out at the moment.

So now I'm asking you, oh wise Giant Bomb users... Why are they following me?


F*** you, GTA IV!

Alright, I love GTA IV. It's my favorite game of last year, and probably my favorite game of the recent couple of years. I laughed, I cried and it changed how I see the world.

Now that that's out of the way: I hate this game!!!

Before we clean up the streets, we gotta clean up this game!

Let me explain why. I'm currently on my second playthrough of the game, and have just gotten to the last mission of the game again, and I finally understand what Brad means when he talks about what he doesn't like about this game. It's buggy as hell!
 In the last mission, Spoiler Warning, you have to chase a helicopter, first in a boat, then you jump into a helicopter. My problem is that the helicopter you are following are shooting rockets, and those rockets keep blowing my up. Not while I'm playing, but in CUTSCENES!!!

How the hell does something like that get past testers?

The weird thing is, that on my first playthrough I did not experience any of these problems, but now I can't get through the stupid mission, and I've tried 7 times!

So dear Rockstar, please fix this stupid thing the next time you're making a game, since this little bug, basicly is making the game unplayable.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo.

So I decided to use one of the free "1-month gold subscription" keys I had, JUST to play this damn demo.

Xbox 360 Box Art

So I downloaded it, which took about a half-hour I guess, and played, which took about 15-minutes. So what did I think? I'll tell you what I thought:

The controls aren't really as good as I hoped for. The "force move/choke/hold/throw"-thing was way too slow to control. Maybe it just takes practise, but when I was fighting that AT-ST in the end (Spoiler!), I was facing the other direction to get a thing to throw at it, but then I was facing the wrong way, and I had to move it slowly the other way, while getting shot at, eventually to find out that the damn AT-ST is to close for me to throw the thing at it. Ridiculous!

And it gets worse. Who the hell thought that Quick Time Events was a good idea? Yeah, it was cool in God of War and maybe it was a great thing in Fahrenheit, but I'm sick and tired of it. I had no idea what triggered it (in the SW:TFU demo), and when it began, I was so confused that I pushed the wrong buttons and eventually died. At last when I finally hit the right buttons and killed the damn thing, this cool animation of Starkiller cutting the robot in half was triggered, and all I could think was: I wish I could do that in the game. I want dismemberment and cutting big robots in half, but noooo... We can't do that, we're just silly game developers. I think that particular part was added in for the demo, but I guess it won't be the last time we'll see it in the game.

Whoever came up with the idea of putting QTE in every single game, is a dumbass who should be fired.

At the end of it all, I'm not really sure if I'm gonna play the game or not. Probably if it goes on sale. Now where the hell is that Jedi Knight remake that I keep demanding?
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Kevin Pereria says: "Stop hating on Too Human".

I already posted some of this in a comment to the Giant Bomb video, but I felt the need to express myself more and possibly reach some actual people, since no one reads the comment-sections.

I watched that Kevin Pereria video (which can found here)... And I'm sorry but I disagree a bit with him, which is fine, everyone is entitled to an opinion, I understand that. But he says that as long as a game can start, it should get a 5.5... What the hell? That makes no sense, that basicly means that no games, except a handfull, can't get under 5.5. That destroys the point of the scale. What about 0.0-5.0? Were did those numbers go?

He also says that people should give the game/demo some time, before deciding whether they should get it. I'm sorry, mr. Pereria, but unless a demo serves it entire purpose, which is to hook me on the game in a relatively short time, I ain't gonna play it. Jesus Christ, I have better things to do, than to spend hours just trying to like a game.

Maybe he's a cool dude, I don't know I haven't watched the things he do, but some of the stuff he's saying is bullcrap!
Kung Fu Panda doesn't like Too Human.

I do agree with him on some points, please stop saying a game is crap unless you at least tried it. Yeah, maybe Denis Dyack has said and done some stupid things. And yeah, maybe he's a pretentious self-loving bastard. And yeah, maybe the game isn't anything for you (it wasn't for me), but talking crap about a game, you haven't even played, is bull-shit. It's childish.

So all and all, Pereria is right about that you should try it. Try it out. But if some people play it and think it's a 5.5 game, then it's their descision. Perhaps Kung-fu Panda IS better than Too Human. Have you played Kung-fu Panda, mr. Pereria? If not, then what are you doing making video-blogs? Go play the GOTY of 2008, cause Too Human apparantly isn't going to run with that award.
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