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Tell me about it. I'm seemingly building up a larger and larger backlog of games over the last year or so, before that I finished every game I bought, now I can't really arse myself to play even some pretty good games.

I guess the somewhat depressing feeling about it will go away once we get some more releases in the fall, but this summer have hit me a bit hard...

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That is an awesome way to handle shit like that.

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I usually go with the second hardest, so if there are [Easy, Normal, Hard] it'll be Normal, but if there are (the more and more popular) four options as in your poll, I'll go with Hard.

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It certainly looks nice, though it also looks like he drives straight through a road sign without anything happening.

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I've had a couple but the vast majority of the time I've used the Rainbow Dash salute one, so almost for three years I guess.

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Yes. Child of Light didn't hit the mark for me. But Valiant Hearts is really lovable.

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I watched the first one and then stayed the hell away from the others, so I don't have any intention of watching the fourth one.

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Well Dan has some experience being on such endeavors and Jason has some experience doing the behind the scenes work on them, with the good amount of Super Replays that the GameInformer crew have put out over the last years.

But even with that said, it isn't something I see as a likelihood. Mostly because of them being forced into a daily schedule. If they can break that and do maybe one a week, I think it would be likely to actually happen.

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You'll always be in my heart Ryan, your laugh made me smile always. So me and all my Ponies will raise our glass (of cider) in honor of you!

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Hi everyone, I can't be only one who finds this all a bit silly.

Now I am a white male, and I am happy about who Giant Bomb hired, BECAUSE and only because I like Dan and Jason from their time over at GameInformer. And to be honest I prefer those two over a lot of other people because I like them, not because they are white males. In the end I don't give shit about someones gender or color or anything like that, as long as they are entertaining, likable people - that is all that matters to me.

And as such I feel that those two are the right hires, and I feel like the whole talk about wanting or forcing a female or black person into the staff because diversity equals better somehow, is a bit misguided as it should be about the personalities - not the diversity.

And on a side note, I can't really name that many non-white males or many females of any color, in the video game journalism field, compared to how many white males I can name.