Regarding the big Nintendo news that broke around 24 hours ago...

...I'm a bit taken aback by the pessimistic response it has received from comments and forum posts on gaming sites across the internet. One of the most common certainly being: "Why should Nintendo bother? Sony and Microsoft will just release their successor systems 1-2 years later."

Has launching 1-2 years AFTER the first competitor's console released the past 3 generations really given Nintendo an advantage, particularly regarding third party support?
Whether 2012 or 2014/15, Nintendo likely won't be going for the super ultra highest priciest cutting edge power in existence for the system, with the main difference being that in 2014 they could get lost in the shuffle from the beginning, opposed to 2012, where for the first time since the NES, they would at least have those couple of years to themselves, rather than none.

As I did six months ago, I still stand by this news as being far more exciting than woeful, but once again I get the feeling that I'm in the minority.


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Once I find time to take a break from wiki contributions, I plan to blog about one of my favorite topics; evil females, villainesses, and all around bad girl characters in video games, and perhaps other media.