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Never changed it. People shouldn't change them


Indeed. I'm easily confused by people's changing avatars.

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Having checked out some of Dan's stuff since it became obvious he was the new editor, he seems perfect. What I've heard of the podcast so far bodes very well for both his and Jason's additions to the site. It's been a while since I've been honestly excited for what Giant Bomb will be doing. Welcome duders!

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Gonna be super pumped if it is Ryckert. Although I'm almost thinking they might be trolling us. Remember guys Ryckert at heart is a bit of a prankster.

Yeah i guess. But remember when everyone thought it was Jared Rosen Jeff eventually hinted that it wasn't him. I kind of feel like they have let us think it's Dan for so long now people with be genuinely pissed if it isn't him. I mean a bunch of GB people suddenly started following him on twitter after he left GI and Dan has also started posting on these forums.... I mean if they are fucking with us they are really committed to the joke.

I would also feel really bad for whoever the new hire is if it's not Dan. They'd be torn apart by irate forum members... even more than new staff usually are.

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Today on Bonus Round... Plaid! Interesting though, thanks for the post.

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There's also Giant Bomb Plus if you use Chrome. Or search Google for something like " best videos" because forum search is still pretty terrible. It is kind of sad that it's up to the users to make finding content possible. There's a ton of great content on this site but the back catalog presentation is god awful (sorry @alexisg).

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Absolutely. Every couple of months or so usually in the car on the way home from work. It helps.

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@vuud: Oh hey, Buckfast! I didn't know you liked sleeping under benches! ;)

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Who the hell is Ian Kelly?

Lt. Squigs aka former gb engineer with the crazy (awesome) beard who'd show up on camera from time to time.

Current WebHook engineer, former GB engineer, former GB duder. I feel the need to point this out when it comes up, especially with the ongoing GB hiring insanity. John Swordmagic lived the dream and went from tagless to "staff". Also I'm quite sure (and sincerely hope) @video_game_king was being sarcastic.

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@riostarwind: I'm with you. I played a good deal of Super with friends when it came out because it was awesome. I played a ton of 64 for years after that one came out because it was even better.