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@donmfjohnson said:

Date format that makes the most sense: YYYY/MM/DD.

I disagree completely!

For everyday use, the most important part is the day as that is the one people are least likely to keep track of so it should be first.

On Topic - I'm sure it will happen with or without Jeff. Hopefully Chris Watters or Peter Brown shows up again.

In everyday use who includes the year at all, or even the month unless you're scheduling something several weeks away? @donmfjohnson is correct, so is ISO 8601.

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@excast: Those are linked from the Fortune Street videos page. I share your concerns with finding older content though. It can be a chore.

I voted Fortune Street but maybe I'll change my mind if I end up watching the Mario Party stream a few more times. Poor Birdo... poor poor Birdo.

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Massively, almost unbelievably ignorant? Absolutely. Offensive? Not to me personally but I wouldn't fault anyone for being very offended by the behavior. It shows a total lack of understanding for what the site represents and suggests a very sad state of affairs for whatever education system they came through.


i like to post current event stories and get a discussion going :) and since i've been kicked out of ign, i had to find an alternative

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Long Bombcasts are the best Bombcasts.

Edit: Unless its 1/3rd dota talk then.. SOB

Son Of Bombcast? Where all DOTA monologues are banned? Count me in!

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Here in NJ the DMV was so bad they said fuck it and renamed it the MVC. This was years before Comcast pulled their Xfinity stunt!

I first got my license at the NJ DMV and it was a train wreck but truth told though I've never really had any trouble at the MVC. Renewed my license/registration a few times, changes of address, motorcycle endorsement, plenty of times through there. Aside from the occasional long line when it's busy it's never really been a hassle.

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@flstyle said:

So when we see Jeff and Brad flailing around and not having a clue what it is they're supposed to be showcasing, as they did in the Ultra Street Fighter IV Quick Look, it's not entertaining nor is it creditable buying advice.

I'm fine giving them a pass on having deep knowledge going into a quick look but there has to be a limit. They weren't even sure who the new characters were... I don't pretend to know a ton about fighting games, I get most of my news from @flstyle blogs, but that was just bad. Hopefully Jason can jump on the other side of the camera occasionally to help them out.

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@pie said:

Never changed it. People shouldn't change them


Indeed. I'm easily confused by people's changing avatars.

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Having checked out some of Dan's stuff since it became obvious he was the new editor, he seems perfect. What I've heard of the podcast so far bodes very well for both his and Jason's additions to the site. It's been a while since I've been honestly excited for what Giant Bomb will be doing. Welcome duders!