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" @VinceIE: Yeah, I've got Tali. I have most of the characters, but only Zaeed and Kasumi are Loyal. No Legion or Samara either. "
Well, use Tali.  Her loyalty bonus skill is useless here anyway.  I [i]always[/i] max out her drone first anyway; it's incredibly useful, so bring her.  As for the other squad member, try out Zaeed, Kasumi, and Miranda.  Maybe Miranda first since she is most versatile and I always get a kick out of when she dies anyway (lol).  She always seems to die in the most compromising positions in that tight, form-fitting outfit of
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Well, what teammates can you actually bring?  I thought you had Tali as an option, which is why I suggested her.  The drone!

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Bring Tali as a squad mate.  Her drone will probably save your life a bunch of times.  Awesome distraction.  For the other squad mate, someone who can take down barriers/armor would be ideal.  Kasumi could work well, too since she does a nice back stab and causes a minor distraction.  Zaeed is a good choice since he can target barriers with his concussive rounds and armor with his fire grenades.  Miranda obviously can use Warp.  But you really need to bring Tali.  Besides that, make sure that, when the Collector General is shooting that big warp thing at you, shift back and forth behind your cover so it misses you and you won't get knocked out of cover.  And make sure he doesn't close in on you, so take him out before that happens.  But if you can, try to take out the other collectors quickly since the General can just take control of any of them.
Since you're a Vanguard, maybe also focus on just bringing down the barriers of the collectors and then when a couple are down, use shock wave / throw (or was it pull?).  If the General does close in on you, charge away from him, or at him, depending on how full armored he is, position, etc.  Someone you could also bring is Jack if she has Squad Warp Ammo.  Just keep trying.  I wouldn't give up on Insanity just yet.

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@natetodamax:  Hah, thanks.  I'm just used to embedding a different way, i.e., [youtube=asdfeEd], etc.  Got it though! :)
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As long as you know how to play whatever class you're doing, they're all very doable and enjoyable on Insanity.  But my personal favorite is by far the Infiltrator.  Pure awesome :p

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Yeah, I'm fixing it now.  Annoying as heck.

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I figured it'd be nice to have a thread dedicated to some awesome fan-based work inspired by the greatness that is Mass Effect.  Because there are some really awesome stuff out there and I know that I'd love to discover some more.  Anyway, to start things off, a few of my personal favorite ME videos / art:   


By artist Katie De Sousa.

Edit:  Ugh.  Finally got my inserts right lol