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That makes 6 platinum trophies. Got my PS3 on black Friday for $200 along with Rachet & Clank all 4 1 and LittleBigPlanet 2. 160GB. Did not think I would platinum BlazBlue because I felt it was too hard at first. I got it cause it was $12.99 and Gamestop was having buy 2 get 1 free. Plus I wanted some games for my new system. I had even got rid of the install data for it. A friend of mine saw I had it and asked me to boost trophies with him and another. so I decided to reinstall it and play it. mainly between games like when I finish one. I started to enjoy and get better. Soon I had 31 trophies then kept going. I couldn't beleive I got Leonidas. The time I did it it felt harder than before until i got to nu and ragna who were strangely easier. Just 200 ranked matches were all that was left.

I picked out the next five games I plan to play in order. Batman Arkham Asylum, Darksiders, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Bayonetta, Nier. I won't be getting anything new utnil maybe March. I have 3 other games with trophies after these. Wondering if i will get platinum in any of these games.

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I had this idea that if you have your Wii U connected to the internet and 3DS in sleep mode than you should be able to receive Streetpass data from other 3DS users. Maybe you need to have them as 3DS friends or Wii U friends who also have 3DS. Maybe both. Just have your 3DS in sleep mode while Wii U is online and you could get streetpass data.
Anyone like this? Think anything should be changed?

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I'm getting the day after launch. I got it reserved but i don't want to go first day after the standing in line for a half hour to get Pokemon.

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I'm going with Oshowott in Black because i love water starters. I'm playing Black first. Then in White i'm going with Tepig. I'm not choosing Snivy because i don't are for the grass starters.

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I'm glad they made the other letters in the name lower cases. I did not like all caps and giant letters.

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I've been thinking of getting  aPSP 3000 for some time. it would be my first PSP. I have three different DS systems (3DS will be my fourth) so i would like something different.

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i still haven't finished twilight princess. better get to it. that poster looks awesome.

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after watching e3 i've really gotten interested in metroid. i have metroid prime but i stopped playing after i couldn't beat a boss. now i want to go back and finish it. start over though. i'd like to get the metroid trilogy since i don't have echoes and corruption. after seeing mario galaxy 2, i want to go back ad finish the first. i have the first golden sun but i pretty much at the begginning. i like how something new makes me go back to the old. anticipation.

i need to compile a list of games to play. right now i'm playing yugioh 5d's wc09, pokemon platinum, castlevania dawn of sorrow, one piece unlimited adventure, and bleach shattered blade. i only want to have 12 games total that i'm now playing so i'll add mario galaxy and metroid prime.

later when i get home i make the list. i'll post it monday since i only have internet at school. my computer died so only here. and sites are blocked. games, advertisements, and site with women on them. i don't know how giantbomb got past it. gamespot didn't. anyone know where i can keep a list of links at in my profile?

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it think e3 is awesome this year. it's great we have games that can be for everyone. and i like games from pretty much all genre's. some of which i've never played or thought i'd play until wii came out. just learn to enjoy what is given. you can still enjoy the classics. i love when compalations come out. i can't wait for the last day of e3 to come on.

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nice to meet you. i made my first blog earlier. you know you commented. we're friends do you know how we view a list of all of our friends here?