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Left trigger to swim at the end just might be the best single button press in video game history.

I wholeheartedly agree. The sense of loss you feel when the left stick and trigger don't do anything really drives home the point that something is missing. The whole game builds the idea of the 2 brothers and the 2 analog sticks being complimentary, then when the older bother dies it expresses it in SUCH a powerful way. I agree with Patrick, only a game could have expresses what Brothers did. Before the swim moment, touching the left stick made me sad; it made me miss having the other brother there. I even took my left hand away from the controller a few times. When the left half of the controller started rumbling faintly a light bulb went on, and I had a big "wow" moment.

GOTY idea: best use of rumble.

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I'm in North Dallas, close to the Galleria. Thinking maybe a community viewing of unprofessional Fridays?

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Not sure how to make this sound not creepy or whatever, so I'll just put it out there. Moved here about 6 months ago and I forgot how to make friends. Tried a board game meetup, but they were way too far down the complex game rabbit hole and there was a real weird vibe. I saw there were some GB community meetups in other cities and was surprised there wasn't one for this obnoxious metropolis. Anyone else in Dallas? Are there enough if us for a meetup? There's got to be more to this place than steaks and hardcore conservatives. Right? RIGHT????

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I can't believe this. Condolences to the Davis family, his fiancé, GB staff, and us the community. A small part of me holds to the hope that this is some kind of elaborate prank and even though I'll never let that hope go, I know that Ryan & the GB staff would never do something like that. But a small part of me will be expecting him to jump out and yell "SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKERS!" every quick look, bombcast and live event from now on. This is just horrible.

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Had some Humble Bundle Steam codes and Steam gifts "lying around"; I figure someone could use them. Not asking for anything in particular: make an offer and we'll see what happens :)

Humble Bundle codes:


The Basement Collection


Hotline Miami

Indie Game the movie

Legend of Grimrock


Wizorb, Bit.Trip.Runner, Gratuitous Space Battles, and Jamestown (together)

Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, and Braid (together)

Edge, Anomaly, and Osmos (together)

World of Goo

Gift Codes:

Plants vs Zombies

Portal 1

Cthulu Saves the World

Breath of Death VII


Pretty much any game I don't already have. I'm not big on in-game items (I don't play TF2 or DOTA2 but if the item is ridiculous enough, I might, just maybe be interested). Make an offer (through PM here) and I'm sure we can work something out :) I'm vinnylonga on Steam; check my profile to avoid offering me dupes. All in all, I really want these games to find a happy home, and get a little something in return.

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Thanks for your perspective Rorie!

I have experience with unemployment also. I took 5 months of benefits when I separated from the Air Force, before I started school. I used that time to adjust to civilian life and prepare for college (a Louisiana high school diploma left a lot to be desired) and it was great. After I graduated I delivered pizzas (sociology degree and whatnot) then got a job doing phone support for comcast video from home. I ground away 11 months of my life at that job, before I quit because it was too stressful, pay was too low, and there wasn't enough room for advancement. But because I quit and was not fired, I was denied benefits. Fortunately for me, my wife had a job (and even found a better job while I was unemployed) so we were doing ok financially. But it struck me odd that someone who gets fired is eligible for benefits, whereas someone who quits a job for a legitimate reason is not eligible for benefits (this took place in Utah btw). Unemployment benefits are great, but policy still needs some work to make it better.

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@bio2hazard: This is great! Very usable and easy on the eyes. It's in the interest of game developers/distributors for people to return to games after they have played and then put them down for a while. Not sure what that metric is called, but I think it's taken into consideration by business types when looking at profitability of a particular game. If you could express how your website leads people to play games they (we) have put down for a while, that may be something someone would pay for.

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Thanks for sharing the info :)

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@MormonWarrior: SWEET! Small world, eh?

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I can honestly say I feel left out here. I DID pre-order, but I pre-ordered from a local, small video game store because I want my dollars staying within my community and I also want to support the valiant efforts of the folks who run Game Vault in Ogden, UT. Turns out they were not offered to be part of the pre-order bonuses so I'm out of luck. But I still don't feel scammed. I payed $60 and got an outstanding experience with BL2, bottom line. $60 is a good value for most games, and was certainly a good value for BL2. I don't feel scammed, but I DO feel left out and whether the onus falls on Gearbox or 2K, the small game shops not getting in on pre-order bonuses is something I'd like to see addressed.