My top 10 of all time

A list of my favorite games ever.

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Posted by Dragoon14

counterstrike is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by scarace360

You need diablo in their and this is good.

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All PS3's can play PS1 games.  The newer ones just can't play PS2 games.  And I agree with you about Final Fantasy VII.  People like to say it's not so good, but they just say that because it was such a huge success.  I pretty much bought a PS3 because I thought that they would do a remake of FF7.

Posted by Astras

Played all the games you put up there and to be fair they all are classics! 

I can remember the grind on Tombraider towards the end so HARSH, but rewarding!
How can any worthwhile driving game not have Trial mountain and Grand valley 2 in it :P 
FF8, just awesome.. loved the feel of it and how it combined FMV with ingame mechanics.
Lol I thought i was weird and  the only one still playing 01/02 from time to time... updates, im going to have to have to have a look.

Posted by VincentVega
@sewageking: I hope there will be a remake one day too, but can't see it for at least another 5 or 6 years!
Posted by VincentVega
@Astras: I recommend the update, the great thing is that nowadays it runs so fast you can get through several seasons in no time at all! :D