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Man, reading the comments on this articles in the veins of "Fuck artistic intent, I want to play games MY WAY and no one's gonna stop me" just makes me laugh.

"How come people don't take video games seriously?" Because if you don't, why the fuck should the rest of the world?

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Seriously, if you want to change the aspect ratio because you don't agree with the game's artistic vision, you might as well play scenes from a movie in random order or skip major chapters. Sure, artistic excuses might be flimsy, but if this is how the creator wants you to experience its work, then we should judge it as it is. If we're talking about pure technical tweaks... fine. It reminds of when I watched Eraserhead and the DVD asked me to change the lighting of my television, saying that the blacks you normally see aren't true blacks.

Also, if you think super letterbox is weird, have you heard about 1:1?

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I already own a Vita, so no. Also, man I love Persona 4 Golden. I can't believe I stopped playing it for so long.

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I found this interesting. GameSpot has only ever given out 8 10's. This is why partially why I've gone to GameSpot for reviews for so long because they don't hand out 9's and 10's like candy.

Its so bad now though. It is mostly all freelance work. I honestly can't trust anything from them anymore because I just don't trust the random freelancers. There is no "personality" element

I agree completely. I feel for Kevin VanOrd who has been reviewing like crazy over there. He's been reviewing most of the major games. He's almost the only reviewer I read/trust over there any more. He has been one of my favourite game reviewers for a long time.

Honestly the last times Gamespot gave 10s, the site was going through a bit of a personality crisis, with pretty much everyone leaving. I mean I remember when Gamespot gave 10s to both Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid 4, both games that did not, I repeat, DID NOT deserve such a high score, especially if you look at people's view of those games today. People still see Ocarina of Time, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 as important milestones in popular gaming culture. GTA IV, on the other hand, was quickly diminished by the competition. I tried replaying GTA IV a few years ago; it bored me so much that after 20 hours, I decided to replay and complete Saints Row: The Third for the fourth time! And MGS4 is universally seen as kind of a ridiculous joke. A fun joke, sure, but not the important work people said.

So yeah, with all the freelancers in and almost every thought-provoking critic out of Gamespot, a 10 does not mean anything to me. It just strikes me as desperate more than anything else.

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@fredchuckdave: I got into my head to go to my library and rent Celine Dion's Best Of CD. That and The Orb's Adventure through the Ultraworld and, of course... Paul's Boutique.

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@corevi: Yeah, right now my PS3 is connected to an HDTV, so there is a certain input lag that is manageable on slower songs, but fast ones can really be a problem. But if it is connected to a SDTV, you shouldn't have any lag.

Seems like the CD part is a necessity; granted it isn't very expensive to begin with. The game is basically Bit.trip runner with custom soundtracks and tighter timing.


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So Vib-Ribbon has no online leaderboards... but that doesn't mean we can't compare scores on the internet, just like 1999!

So here are the high scores I have at the moment for songs I played. Please only put scores for songs you played on "Single track", so we can streamline all of this and we don't have to make 5 different charts.

  • The Chemical Brothers - "Another World/Do It Again/Get Yourself High": 4733 points.
  • The Chemical Brothers - "Don't Think/Out of Control/Setting Sun": 5561 points.
  • The Chemical Brothers - "Swoon/Star Guitar": 6595 points.
  • The Chemical Brothers - "Three Littles Birdies Down Beats/Hey Boy Hey Girl": 3738 points
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I bought it, played it... put some Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy on there. Do not underestimate the power of Vib-Ribbon, it's great! If you don't really like music, I understand, but like Audiosurf, if you are a big music fan, you need to buy this.