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Dammit @octaslash, I really didn't want to see a bigger image of his junk! It was already pretty hard before! ...Jeezus!

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@equitasinvictus said:

It really is that week -- I can't believe it has almost already been a year.

I just hope the whole issue on Twitter and here manages to miraculously come to some sort of resolution by Thursday, for the sake of everyone involved in this difficult time, considering the last year.

Sadly, with Patrick's dad's passing two years ago, and Ryan last year, I'm starting to think this is a fucking curse.

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@minipato: She was in the interview dumptruck not once, but twice.

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@octaslash said:

@underattack86 said:

@octaslash: But the people you're defending are the ones who shit on Giant Bomb's floor.

Not really. They're lashing out after having smelled the shit that the more toxic parts of Giant Bomb produced. Have you ever seen a comment section on this website with any content involving Leigh Alexander? It's fucking disgusting.

So that's why we'll never see her on Bombin' the A.M... fuck! She's one of the best (if not the best) video game critic around right now, and we're rejecting her because of a stupid moment on an E3 bombcast 5 years ago!

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@minipato: @pyrodactyl: You do know @smcn said that the person Samantha was supporting, Maddy Myers, was «in terms of writing credentials is as qualified as Dan if not more so»?

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So there is something you can buy in the game called "Thompsoncare" that costs 1 000 001 gold. There is an acheivement in the PC version for buying it, but even when you manage to farm per stage in The Lost Levels, it can still take a long time. My question is does anyone know what "Thompsoncare" does? Does it add anything or is it just a cruel joke?

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Yup, IGN still sucks harder than a vacuum cleaner giving a blowjob.

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@marino: Yeah I know, but the thing is all of the new games for their iconic franchises either have already come out or we don't know anything about their development (or too much in the case of Uncharted), so I didn't know what to put.

And then I remembered The Last Guardian. Godammit.

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I had an idea, I don't know if I pulled it off succesfully, but here you go.