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So there is something you can buy in the game called "Thompsoncare" that costs 1 000 001 gold. There is an acheivement in the PC version for buying it, but even when you manage to farm per stage in The Lost Levels, it can still take a long time. My question is does anyone know what "Thompsoncare" does? Does it add anything or is it just a cruel joke?

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Yup, IGN still sucks harder than a vacuum cleaner giving a blowjob.

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@marino: Yeah I know, but the thing is all of the new games for their iconic franchises either have already come out or we don't know anything about their development (or too much in the case of Uncharted), so I didn't know what to put.

And then I remembered The Last Guardian. Godammit.

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I had an idea, I don't know if I pulled it off succesfully, but here you go.

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Why would they want to continue this trainwreck?

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tbh i'm trying to justify getting one for Luftrausers alone

Oh don't worry; I basically got my Vita because I wanted to beat Spelunky at some point in my life. Also, Lumines.

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Man that box art is disapointing; is it me, or there's a lot of light shining from both guns? It's impossible to not notice, there's more lighting on their guns than on their faces? You'd think that with a certain rise of less violent, more storydriven games it would be this other way around; just take a look at The Walking Dead's retail release. Still, if I get my hands on a PS4 in the coming months, I might try to pick it up, enhanced graphics and commentary and all.

P.-S.: There, I fixed your box art.

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@the_edj: You can also get Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut (Survival horror) and Thomas Was Alone (2D platformer) right, both cross-buy games.

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Persona 4 Golden and Spelunky quickly come to mind. Sound Shapes is pretty good too with headphones, and Fez looks amazing on the OLED screen if you haven't played it yet. I haven't picked up LBP Vita yet even though I'm a big fan of the series but it recently got a price drop.

I would also highly recommand Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Olli Olli and Tearaway.