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I hope it doesn't end with a great emotional climax ruined by a fight with a giant computer god in the matrix.

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Wait what? Carolyn was like one of Gamespot's premier people! I don't want anyone to be laid off but if someone has to go I have no idea why she of all people would be top of the list.

Also, this is not gonna help calm the people who give Carolyn constant shit in the Gamespot comment sections.

You'd think that after the Jeff Gerstmann controversy they would have learned their lesson by now.

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Seems like Origin would benefit from this program more than anything else. That thing is a wasteland and I hated booting it up to play Simcity.

And then you hated to play SimCity.

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  • July 29th: Rogue Legacy (Normal price: $16.99. PS+ price: $13.59)
  • August 5th: The Swapper (Normal price: $19.99. PS+ price: $15.99)
  • August 12th: Hohokum (Normal price: $14.99. PS+ price: $11.99)
  • August 19th: CounterSpy (Normal price: $14.99. PS+ price: 11.99)

Of course, if you buy 2 games you get 3$ back, 3 games 6$, all four 10$. All games are cross-buy. This is the best PSN Play they have ever pulled off in my opinion, and with Oddworld coming out July 22nd, The Last of Us Remastered the next week, and Metrico coming out August 12th... yeah. Get your wallets ready, people.

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I was born the same day as Ryan Davis; June 4th.

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is probably the laziest «art game» I can think of. It is incredibly derivative not only of influencial art games of the past (You beat the giant spider at the end in the same way you beat the giant spider in Limbo, and there is of course a great influence from Team Ico) but even of art games that haven't even come out yet (That giant flying creature stuck in a castle totally does not remind you of The Last Guardian). Its story is so predictable and clichéd, going from world to world without any real thematic progression. And even if the graphics and art direction was good, the camera constently stares down at the player so that you see very little of it. When you put benches in your game so the player can watch the scenary, it is not a success. it means that you failed to utilise those assets accordingly in the main game. There is also no need for its characters to speak; if your game tells mainly tells its story through the body language of your cast, why put completely useless words from a made up language in their mouths? It does absolutely nothing except annoy the player.

So yeah, I think Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is really shallow and derivate, both emotionally and mechanically. Two stars.

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Godspeed you, Ryan Davis!

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Dammit @octaslash, I really didn't want to see a bigger image of his junk! It was already pretty hard before! ...Jeezus!