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Cool. I never heard of that one. I will check it out. Thanks!

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I have to say. Put it in something else. I would put some money aside for PC games and upgrade anything on your PC that is needed from the innards to accessories.

The reality is, for the foreseeable future, PC has the most games and the new consoles have limited things to play.

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I have been playing CardHunter single player and I have to say it is a great in-depth game that mixes card, board, and RPG mechanics. The options are numerous and it is a fairly deep game. I have not even scratched the surface of multiplayer yet.

My question is: Is there anything browser based right now that matches its quality? In any genre?

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I hope they do a similar info dump. I really do just want information.

In that regard, MS just announced today that Twitch streaming is delayed until 2014. Here is the source.

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Pretty easy to make that joke. But obviously my point is, why is this information not released yet. Clearly, I'm of the minority that wishes to have some of these details divulged prior to purchase.

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Absolutely. They are free for the developers to use them. But the developer still has to implement it in to the game and test it. I am looking for a first hand confirmation that it is in the game.

And, no one has detailed whether it would be all playlists and game types or just some. Can you point me to those actual details?

I have dug a little deeper into Activision and what they consider "dedicated servers". Apparently for current gen, it just means answer servers and improved matchmaking. And it most certainly did not mean multiplayer servers on day one for PS4.

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It's weird. The pic I had up fort he last 6 months seemed to just break last week. I tried this wow pic earlier and it seemed to work. I'll try to recreate it and will get the screenshots.

Thanks duder

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Thanks Chaser! That helps, but I'm also wondering if they have the same setup for receivers as well. I guess we MIGHT see tomorrow.