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Just because you said it...

  • Where will the electricity come from?
  • Why did we bring a system on a trip to an island? Or why would we, at the very least, take the system from our house?
  • After all that, what are we going to play it on? You assume first that we have electricity, then a system, then a TV?
  • How would we play a MP game without an internet connection.
  • So the controllers washed up on the island as well? What if they run out of batteries.
  • What if your system breaks down? Do you call a 1-800 number that directs you to India? And instead of asking for help you ask for a replacement console?
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KaosAngel said:
Vinchenzo said: I'm pretty sure Zune sold just fine before. I bought one. It's the better product. iPhone says hi. [more]
And Zune is still a better product.
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I'm pretty sure Zune sold just fine before. I bought one. It's the better product.

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@jakob187: I rent them for free from work. I didn't pay for a lot of the games on my list. On this hand, people are supporting the new XBLA game price-points. Which I do not agree with.
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@Ineedaname: It actually takes place during Y2K. Then the New Year hits and Titanic II stops working.

Edit: Which... I'm not sure when the FF's take place. The main character is Sephiroth with a beard. Spoilers, yes. All over this thread!
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@jakob187: Oh, I read near the bottom. States the previous death in 2006, who was 5 years old.
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Let's discuss why you bought this terrible game.

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@Ineedaname: It will be an airship. Titantic 2 manned by Cid.
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I like Star Wars a lot better. But the new Star Trek movie was very satisfying and made me rethink my opinion on the franchise. If they were to remake more Star Trek stuff with such quality, I'd probably watch that as well.

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@jakob187: Article said she was 5 when the Titanic sank. I believe so.