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Well. mine is nothing special, its just a review of the game.

I do have a clip in there that I made that references Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon in association to MGS' gameplay. I'll have the video start from there .

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I extracted him just fine.... I think you might have to do it while activated on the miller mission. You don't have to finish the mission. You can just complete the side missions and call your helicopter to get you out of it and it will count towards your progress.

just below the camp is an outpost and towards the end of the outpost you'll find some containers. You can climb the rocks next to the containers. if you continue to climb the rocks, you'll find yourself above the camp. Its a very safe zone. None of the soldiers go there. You can then examine the area from that spot and mark the commander (he is the only who wears a red beret. He typically shows up at night..that was the only instance where I could find him.

Just sneak in from that area and find a way to extract him quietly. (the cardboard box works wonders).

Alternatively if you don't want to spend the time to sneak around looking for him.... after getting to the safe area, mark him using your binoculars. You'll notice there will be a mortar launcher just next to you. Use it to eliminate all the soldiers in the camp (make sure not to kill him in the process though) then run in and tranq/cqc him and extract.


Here's a quick illustration of how to get to the safe area.

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Those prices make me cringe all over. Barely any benefit for the consumer.

I personally don't trade in any of my games, but if I had to, I'd just sell games on ebay. I'm sure it will fetch a better price than what those retail stores are handing out.

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This has been a problem for me too. I have over 200 games I haven't played yet.

As a method to combat this, I joined a group on gamespot where people would come together to play a specific game and discuss it every week until we all finished it (kind of like a book club). Needless to say, it started well, then it all backfired because...well..different people, different schedules, different taste in games.

I then decided that for every new game I buy I'm going to upload a video review of the game....which will force me to dedicate all my free time to completing the game. I haven't been 100% successful thus far, I can tell you that much. but I'm buying less games than I used its kind of working. I'll try it a bit longer and see how it goes.

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That's pretty awesome. I found music to be the hardest thing to get a hold off when making videos. I will definitely look into some of these.

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Its a silly move but they are well within their rights to make it.

Twitch should allow streamers the right to regulate their own content. If I'm streaming an adults-only game, I should be able to flag my own video so that it blocks out my underage viewers. Only registered users who are adults can view the stream.

If members falsify their age to bypass the age restrictions, then that's neither Twitch's or the streamer's fault. Neither should be held legally accountable.

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@chaser324: seven days is not that bad. I'm okay with this if they keep it at that pace.

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I'm going to sound like a douche saying this, but I don't prescribe to the number rating systems anymore. I prescribe to glaring flaws and praise-worthy aspects of video games. i.e, do the good points outweigh the bad points. i actually started a youtube gaming channel with an emphasis on this review system.

Anyways, while I don't believe there is a such a thing as a the perfect game, the closest I've seen/played has to be the original Deus Ex.

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its great that I can get a refund if I don't like a game's initial hours or if I have technical issues

but the question now becomes; When will I get my refund? With Valve's customer service reputation, its probably going to take forever.

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Can't wait until Assassin's creed goes the way of the Dodo. Soooo many good IPs Ubisoft could be making but they put so much effort and spend so many man hours in Assassin's Creed games that rarely play differently from each other. They keep this up and the market will be over saturated with Assassin's Creed games and ultimately it will end up like guitar hero.

Meanwhile, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is sitting in a cesspool somewhere in the nether regions of Ubisoft's offices.....

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