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Can't wait until Assassin's creed goes the way of the Dodo. Soooo many good IPs Ubisoft could be making but they put so much effort and spend so many man hours in Assassin's Creed games that rarely play differently from each other. They keep this up and the market will be over saturated with Assassin's Creed games and ultimately it will end up like guitar hero.

Meanwhile, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is sitting in a cesspool somewhere in the nether regions of Ubisoft's offices.....

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My only recommendation is to be patient and try to find ways of getting to your goal.

And if all else fails, and you can't take anymore, either take a break and revisit it later or if you wanted to just get it over with; there are a lot of resources or walkthroughs online.

I'm currently exploring each level one by one and uploading my walkthroughs of ways I think is the easiest to get through the levels with as little effort as possible. I have the first 10 levels up so far. If you want to check them out, shoot me a message and I'll throw you the link to the videos.

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Its a great mod for those who want a more balanced costume disguise system.

Thanks for posting.

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@studnoth1n said:

it's not based on score, but specific requirements, which are as follows:

  1. do NOT get spotted
  2. do NOT kill/incapacitate anyone (excluding your target of course)
  3. assassinate your target using a "signature kill," which not only includes the level scripted "accidents," but also extends to using the fiber wire.
  4. and obviously, there must be a designated target within that particular sequence

again, the SA rating is only attainable assuming there is a defined target. this makes sense, although i'd prefer the scoring be disabled outside of those instances, just to eliminate any confusion. regardless, it seems like an odd decision to implement a scoring system, at lest this time around, where the gameplay is more or less structured around the narrative, where there isn't that symmetry in having these compartmentalized levels where there is always a target and an opportunity to plan in advance. probably would have worked better with past games

And even then, you need extra points/score to get an overall silent assassin rating for the level.

I did all the above that you've mentioned in the hunte / hunted level and I've uploaded a video to prove it, but I still didn't get silent assassin, I just got shadow as an overall rating.

it all boils down to points.

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Agent 47 vs....perhaps an unmentioned agent 49? :P

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Well, rich or not, he needs gaming and gaming related peripherals as soon as possible for him to run his business and run it well.

Just as much as a truck driver needs a truck or a builder needs tools.

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Based of the myriads of reviews that have been pouring in from different sites (including gamespot's 7.5), its safe to assume this will be a horrible Hitman game but, rather, a decent game in its own rights. 'Tis a Shame, I was looking forward to a traditional Hitman experience.

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I was a lurker since day 1 of Giant Bomb (Since the Jeff Scandal :P).

But congrats, you finally convinced me to create an account.

figuring out how the site works and what goodies it holds outside the forums will take some getting used to.