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Wooo cant wait

360 and ID is VinLieger

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Like others its a day later and im still not able to really understand how broken i feel by the loss of someone i never met. If i feel this sad about it I cant comprehend how his wife, family, friends and all the crew at GB feel.

I dont know what Giantbomb or the bombcast will be without Ryan around, i dont want to think of them being worse as that does a disservice to the other guys but they will deffinitely be a hell of a lot different. What will be worse is the simple fact that this massive genius of a guy isnt there anymore for his family, friends, co-workers and legions of fans to help laugh and enjoy stupid shit.

RIP Ryan

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Gutted, absolutely completely gutted by this news, Ryan you were a legend of epic proportions who will be sorely missed. My thoughts go out to his family and friends, all the guys from the Giant Bomb crew and especially his wife, i cant even imagine what she is going through.

RIP Ryan

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Theres advanced stuff where you can filter your sewage then put it back in the ground as clean water and place a tower there.

With trash you can collect it and dump it or you can burn it which does create pollution, unsure if theres a "green" way to dispose of it but theres always neighbours if they are willing to collect your garbage for you?

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Casino city thats rampant with crime

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All over this, can wait to get a 16 person region going with arguments about who has to deal with the garbage

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Been having this problem on and off for the last few weeks but hasnt ever been this bad where for the last 3 days no videos will load for me at all

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So far most of mine seem to relate to their class, had "prototype" for the first heavy, "long shot" and "snake eyes" for 2 of my snipers, and "mad man" for one of my assaults who i used alot to run ahead and flush stuff out

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Japan, and i seem to be the only one so far

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Stardock you guys used to be cool, what happened???

Oh and that guys a fucking moron for putting that shite in an e-mail