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All great things must come to an end eventually i suppose... im still gonna visit Giantbomb and listen to the bombcast but i cant see it staying the same site we know and love for too much longer.

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Bah still nothing there, and im even on 2 of the accounts now, something must be fucked up in ridernet. Damn you EA and your shitty online garbage

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@Chaser324: Yup im certain im looking in the right place, the only option i have when i go to the custom events tab on curnoes mustache is to create a new event. Im gonna try adding the third account and see if that changes anything.

Edit: did a bit of googling and it seems to be a random occurance due to some ridernet glitchyness, people have said they sometimes cant see a friends event but when they try create it a second time they can join it, so hopefully it will work for me when the next event starts

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Yeah i still cant see it either and im on the GBSSX account which seems to be working for others as posted above but not me, weird, only conclusion is its something on my end but cant think of anything that would affect it that ive done

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Had a look 5 mins ago and couldnt see the custom event listed. Im on the 2nd account has anyone else noticed this?

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@wigg said:

I wonder if they will allow you to trade the game in at any point. Maybe they will sell second hand copies, does anyone know if the boycott covers this area?

Boycott? Its not a boycott. The publishers are simply refusing to supply GAME with product since they are asking for too much credit because they cant sell stuff fast enough to meet their obligations

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This is kinda sad, ive been a loyal GAME customer since i can remember. Its only in the last year that ive been moved to ordering online with Gamestop. Mainly due to GAMES 5-10 euro higher prices in store.

They also failed to supply their Irish customers with a decent online option, routing everything through their UK site, where the prices were in stirling and forced overseas shipping from the UK on top of any purchase, instead of setting up a depot here like gamestop and several other online retailers managed to do.

Its sad but from what ive seen of their operation here over the past 3 years they have nobody to blame but themselves. They completely failed to adapt to compete with Gamestop and HMV.

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@BPRJCTX said:

@ZenGaijin said:

The PS3 game has an extra mountain I believe. Other than that I don't think there is much difference.

SSX Limited Edition, Game UK Exclusive (only store that has it in the UK, don't know about other countries).

It includes Eddie and his board, without the need to pre order ( but you should probably pre-order anyway, since it's limited), and it also includes the 10 drop points on Mt. Fuji, which is exclusive to the PS3 in the US (it will probbaly be released later as DLC, for the US 360 version, and everybody that didn't get it).

It's not perfect though, you still don't get the other exclusive boards, and that sucks because Zoe is my favourite character, and i wanted her level 6 board.

Not sure if this is completely accurate. Im in Ireland and we usually run off the same pre-order policies as the UK, i pre-ordered for the 360 with Gamestop, the site didnt say anything about Limited Edition but i got an e-mail with my fuji and eddie codes last week

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@J0PALACE0K said:

So most people are on the fence really, the game must be mediocre judging by what everyone's saying. Shame.

Dunno where you got this from?