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Well today has been huge in eve terms and now it is all finally revealed why the refused to answer the screaming question from the community over whther non vanity items with in game bonuses would be sold for real money.
Read this leaked email from ccps ceo and see what you think 
The entire community is currently in uproar over this

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Yup shit has hit the fan alright its been brewing for a while but the vanity items and pdf leak just pushed it beyond boiling point

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Its not gonna be PS3 vs PC, there wont be a client of dust released for the PC. What happens is the PS3 Duct players fight in an fps for planet resources that directly affect the battles taking place in space that the PC EvE players are fighting.

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Is there anyone i could message with my answer for orange slices #1? im sure im right but its just not registering

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Anyone willing to help me here im sure i have the right pages for kick off #1 and orange slices #3 but its not registering

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@natetodamax said:

" I say you guys wait for an actual gameplay video instead of basing the hate off a trailer. "

Well considering there was a fair amount of gameplay in the trailer i think people can do what they want.
Its obvious the graphics and gameplay are different, they have also added in different characters (Daniel Craig), and now apparently the story is not the one from the game or the movie, its plot is completely different but the levels will be in similar locations. I think thats enough reason for people to be angry. This stinks of another Rogue Agent to me
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Just gonna go and set that old republic trailer on rpeat for the rest of E3 ive seen what i wanted to see :P

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Ive fucking played this fucking fuck of a game all fucking weekend and havent had a single fucking problem as regards the fucking multiplayer except when the fucker froze once last fucking night, have a a fucking fuckton amount of fucking fun with this fucker of a game though...... great fucking thread btw...... fuck

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@Centimani:  Dude your 10 years older than him, hide your games from him dont let him play and if he cries? dude your 10 years older than him not much room for him to argue with you over whats fair and whats not since you can beat the crap out of him
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@PhaggyBigNastyMcKill said:
" Its funny how almost nobody actually reads the post to see the Op was asking if money was an issue. Nope, everybody just knee jerk answers back, I got money, just do this to get some. lols.  "
Well if you read the final question in the OP its "what is the overall experience moneywise?" i gave my opinion on the experience by saying what I do to get money easy. Maybe you should stop trying to be such a smartarse