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@fredchuckdave: @novadth: I only pray that you haven't experienced the true hell that lies beyond that place.

Black Gulch Is the truest of hells.


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I want an apology too!

EDIT: Also, let's go watch some DBZ!

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@damodar said:

Isn't Metroid Prime already the Citizen Kane of video games?

We continue to have the best community on the internet.

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Haha, this one was path 2 since we had to stop the stream because of an aspect ratio problem. File just finished compressing locally and is uploading now to the offsite compression. It will still be a while, but it's on its way. I'll check again when I get home, but with any luck it will already be up!


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Pretty sure this is on the calendar to shoot tomorrow. Think Brad was wrapping it up today.

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Hey all,

We're testing out a new production pipeline to get videos and archives up on the site faster. You may have noticed that the archives for live shows sometimes hit less than an hour or so after the stream. We're trying to make it so that happens all the time, but unfortunately computers suck. Sometimes sync is weird, sometimes the audio is too low, sometimes stuff just explodes. Unfortunately, we can't (and don't want to) stop producing videos while we tackle the hiccups, so you guys are seeing it happen live. Our old (and current) process turns around a 2 hour live show in about 6-8 hours, we're trying to trim it down to under an hour. We're trying to do the same thing with Quick Looks so we spend less time processing them and more time filming them. In theory, everything should work! In reality, well, I think we're pretty close.

Thanks for the patience, China may not care, but Drew and I do.

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These are simply FANTASTIC. Really, job well done. Blown away.

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Sorry about that. Our network bailed on the upload last night. It should be live in about 30 minutes or so. Computers!

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This was great! Thanks so much. The illustrations and graphics really helped a lot.

More videos like this please!