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Pretty sure this is on the calendar to shoot tomorrow. Think Brad was wrapping it up today.

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Hey all,

We're testing out a new production pipeline to get videos and archives up on the site faster. You may have noticed that the archives for live shows sometimes hit less than an hour or so after the stream. We're trying to make it so that happens all the time, but unfortunately computers suck. Sometimes sync is weird, sometimes the audio is too low, sometimes stuff just explodes. Unfortunately, we can't (and don't want to) stop producing videos while we tackle the hiccups, so you guys are seeing it happen live. Our old (and current) process turns around a 2 hour live show in about 6-8 hours, we're trying to trim it down to under an hour. We're trying to do the same thing with Quick Looks so we spend less time processing them and more time filming them. In theory, everything should work! In reality, well, I think we're pretty close.

Thanks for the patience, China may not care, but Drew and I do.

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These are simply FANTASTIC. Really, job well done. Blown away.

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Sorry about that. Our network bailed on the upload last night. It should be live in about 30 minutes or so. Computers!

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This was great! Thanks so much. The illustrations and graphics really helped a lot.

More videos like this please!

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Yeah, sorry this is fixed now. Chat was just set incorrectly at first. Should be open for all.

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@Korwin: The final compress is done offsite. We do a precompress to make the file uploadable though. I've tried some new stuff out and we'll see how it goes.

If you guys want to check out the Welcome Back Tricaster Pt 1 & 2, it should be fixed using our new workflow.

Hopefully it's solid.



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We are definitely on it. Not ignoring the issue, just trying to fix it. Did you know that depending on how much stuff we are chewing through it can take around 6-8 hours just to compress part 2 of that Welcome Back Tricaster video? Also, thank goodness, you never see the other problems we have to spend a lot of time fixing, though you do see your fair share.

Thanks for the help and patience.


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@Ravenlight said:

I've noticed that Whiskey Media staff members have the gold donater medal attached to their profile pics. Does that mean that all staff take a $50/year pay cut or is the medal part of the job package?

I, like most of us I believe, paid for our memberships just like everyone else. Same process, same t-shirt, and same coupon. Does seem weird to have a Whiskey t-shirt mailed to the office... but whatever, I support Whiskey Media!

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Yeah, this part was a bummer. I just did this last night. After trying everything from highest poise armor I had (stone armor and Iron Flesh) to Fog Ring and Slumbering Dragon Ring [name?] (invisible and quiet)...nothing worked. Finally, like other folks have said, I went back to the lady in the sewer tunnels and bought some poison arrows. After that, I posted up behind that wall after the last gargoyles and before you have to sprint up to the knights, and equipped my Fog Ring to punch them with about 3-4 poison arrows. Waited for a few minutes and they died. Maybe a bit of cheese, but man, that part...after that though, the castle wasn't so bad.