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" The audio file puts these letters out:  M (or N) - O - D - Z - Z - Z - J - M (or N) - Q - R - Y - D (or B) - 3 - F - R - P (or E)  I tried matching up those letters with the numbers you gave that were embedded in the mp3:   00000000 00000210 00000825 000000000037474B 00000000 0016FDA0 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000   If you count "0", and skip the letters that appear in both the embedded text and the audio, you get a matching number of letters and numbers (9).  I tried matching them up in order of appearance and then putting them in numerical order, but got nothing. I also tried just putting letters into the numbers based on when the letters came out. For instance "o" would go in place of anywhere the number 2 came up because it was the second letter to be said. Maybe this will tip something else off though... "
My guess is the ZZZ is actually www? and the "3" is "." followed by "FRP" which is maybe "com"? so maybe a website buried in there. ZZZ can't be anything else, can it?
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Ha, oh memebers. I'm a tired man. A new fix is coming soon.

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True story, I have a 1.5" scar on the inside of my wrist from a hot Pop Tart that landed sugar side down on my arm. My little brother was too absorbed in a Super Mario World session to hear my cries for help, so this must be around 15-20 years ago. I try not to go near them anymore...but Strawberry were my favorites. If you see me at PAX or something, I'll totally show you the scar.

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The first thing to know about the upcoming content for Dragon Age: Origins is that it is a full-blown expansion for the game. This isn't some extra dungeon, or merely a new set of armor, but a significant chunk of content that promises to justify its $39.99 price tag.
The expansion picks up after the final events of Origins, in which your character defeated the Archdemon and stopped the Darkspawn from overrunning the world in a full-blown Blight. For reasons that I'm sure will become clearer throughout Awakening, the Darkspawn are still hanging around, causing all sorts of trouble for the Grey Wardens, the ordained destroyers of all things dark and spawning. So, a mere few months after the events of the first game, you are charged with rebuilding the Grey Wardens and further investigating these troubling developments.

More Dragon Age? I'll drink to that...what's in this?
Since we're talking about a Bioware game, I don't feel too guilty in revealing that events may have occurred, and choices may have been made, that would make things difficult for your character to make a triumphant return to action in this expansion. Well, forget all that! If you have an indisposed character at the end of Dragon Age: Origins, you'll be able to bring him or her into Awakening via a bit of historical rewriting. Upon importing your character, you may find previous events did not occur the same way you remember, and certain choices have been made for you. This seems like an understandable concession, considering the circumstances, but retconning my previous choices definitely stings a bit.

If you'd like to let your choices stand, you will be given the option to start a new character. You'll take on the role of an Orlesian Grey Warden, who has come to Ferelden (aka Blight Central) to oversee the rebuilding of the Wardens. For those Dragon Age historians out there, you'll remember that not too long ago, Orlais was an occupying force in Ferelden, and the locals are none too happy about welcoming former invaders back onto Ferelden soil. This will, obviously, cause some interesting interactions as you make your way through a land that, for all intents and purposes, wants nothing to do with you.

 Meet the part of the game I finally died on during our demo.

 The same writing team from Dragon Age: Origins is back, so you can expect more sharp dialogue and characters that go beyond the typical fantasy archetypes. Though many of your party members from the original game won't be joining you on this adventure, Bioware has promised to flesh out Awakening with characters just as dynamic. I briefly got to see Velanna, the Dalish mage with a huge chip on her shoulder about that whole "humans enslaving my Eleven brethen" thing. There was also Anders, who initially seemed like the apostate mage version of an even snarkier Alistair. Finally, I was joined by Sigrun, a female Dwarf rogue who is a member of the Legion of the Dead. I'm excited to see more being done with The Legion of the Dead, as they are an interesting part of the Dragon Age fiction, but only briefly touched upon in Origins.

Make sure you play nicely with The Children.
The Wardens won't be the only ones gathering new forces in Awakening, though. Something is definitely amiss in Darkspawn HQ, with some freakish new creatures lurking in the depths beyond the Dwarven city of Orzammar. In the brief time I had with the game, I encountered The Children milling about in the Deep Roads. These things are foul. Do you remember how nasty the Broodmother was in Origins? Consider her a beauty queen when imaging the grotesque nature of The Children. They appear to evolve in stages, and I mostly encountered forms akin to slimy grubs, but with faces. Nobody wants to see that, especially when they are overpowering you and eating your head. A bit less creepy, but equally intriguing, are the sentient Darkspawn. The last thing the world needs are Darkspawn questioning their own existence, especially when the answers to those questions usually involve more efficient ways to kill you. If you've kept up with some of the Dragon Age fiction in the books, you'll already be familiar with the Architect, the thinking man's Darkspawn, and he'll definitely be playing a role in Awakening, though what that role is remains to be discovered.

With the world descending back into chaos, it's a good thing Bioware has raised the level cap and given you a host of new abilities and talents to use in your fight. Each class appears to have gained two new specializations, which will add plenty of new abilities ready to eat up those hard-earned talent points. In fact, I'm told there will be 50 new abilities across all the classes, and from what I saw it looked like that roughly translated into one new row per block of abilities. Of course, you'll also get plenty of new loot. I saw some snazzy new armor during the bit I played, which should please the image-conscious adventurer in all of us. Along with looking sharp, you'll be able to add runes to your armor as well as your weapons this time around. Did I mention that you'll be able to manage your runes yourself this time? No more heading over to Bodann and his...touched son for your enchantments. Enchantments? Ugh.

 The Darkspawn have come a long way since your last encounter.
There's certainly a lot going on in Awakening, and every answer I received opened up two more questions. Bioware is -- understandably -- keeping a lid on many of the story elements in the game, but the team promises that they have been working long and hard to make sure that this is every bit as engaging as your first visit to the world of Dragon Age. If you want to make make someone working on Dragon Age sigh, ask them how long it will take to complete their game. Considering I've heard playthrough times ranging from 18-80 hours for the original game, I understand why. For its $39.99 price tag, there's an expectation of content that Bioware appears to understand, and I'm looking forward to diving back into their universe when Awakening is simultaneously released on March 16 across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.
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That looks exactly like me before my third cup of coffee...seriously.

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Just sharing a little bit of fun I ran across today. I'm not familiar with the French artist Danger, but apparently he is promoting the release of his new album "9/17 2007" with some fake video game scenes inspired by the 16-bit era. Personally, I have to say it's working, as you can consider me promoted. 

I'm sure some of you out there are more knowledgeable about exactly what is going on here, but I wanted to make sure everyone was exposed to these awesome little pieces. You can get a bit more info on the album here, but I make no apologies for the state of the myspace page.
Thanks to Kotaku for exposing me to these bad boys.
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Have to throw in for Freespace 2. That game is just amazing. Also, TIE Fighter was amazing at the time, not sure how it holds up today, same with the Wing Commander series. I agree with the sentiment that this genre needs a reboot. I'm always looking for a good reason to dig out that old CH Flightstick.
If you're interested in something a little more strategy-ish, you might want to look at Homeworld. It has one of the best "space" vibes I've ever gotten from a game. I'm not really sure what that means, but everything about the presentation feels right to me. There's also Sins of a Solar Empire, but by even mentioning that game I risk summoning Jason Ocampo to this very room, and as awesome as that would be, it would be a long trip back for him.
Lastly, there's Solar Jetman. It's not really a space shooter, but it I'll take any chance I can get to plug that totally lovely game.
Also, where is Dave? He should be all over this thread?!

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With so many capable platforms to choose from, developers and publishers are increasingly releasing their products across them all. When it's done correctly, this can mean an exciting and memorable gaming experience for anyone, regardless of system. Someday we may see the end of the wars between console diehards, and these spectacular multiplatform games will be leading the charge.


Best Multiplatform Game

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I'm Batman. As far as we know, taking a licensed property and making a quality product with it is one of the hardest tasks in the business. So, it is no small accomplishment that Rocksteady Studios was able to make one of the most impressive games of the year centering around one of the most prolific comic book characters out there, Batman. Over the years, Batman has appeared, with varying degrees of success, across all forms of media. So it's equally astonishing that Batman: Arkham Asylum feels so original and fresh. 
The intense and fluid combat, the stealth, and the exploration all take place within a tightly told narrative and environments that seem so naturally rendered that it's hard to believe the dank, clammy halls of Arkham Asylum are completely fictional. The whole experience is immensely satisfying, with pacing that keeps you eager to see what's going to happen next. The game also does a spectacular job of portraying the conflict between Batman and the Joker as more of a battle of opposing ideals between two equally insane opponents than some mundane case of criminal mischief. Batman is painted as order and justice to the extreme, while the Joker is his antithesis--complete chaos and anarchy. All of this combines to flesh out one of the finest games to grace any platform this year.


Runners-Up: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed II
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Ha, man...I just got in for:
Evil Genius
World of Goo
Defense Grid
Empire: Total War
Close to getting Machinarium...but it's still 10 bucks. Hmm, looks like I only $5 in my wallet...Ok, how about $7 and you throw in Stubbs the Zombie?