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I've noticed that Whiskey Media staff members have the gold donater medal attached to their profile pics. Does that mean that all staff take a $50/year pay cut or is the medal part of the job package?

I, like most of us I believe, paid for our memberships just like everyone else. Same process, same t-shirt, and same coupon. Does seem weird to have a Whiskey t-shirt mailed to the office... but whatever, I support Whiskey Media!

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Yeah, this part was a bummer. I just did this last night. After trying everything from highest poise armor I had (stone armor and Iron Flesh) to Fog Ring and Slumbering Dragon Ring [name?] (invisible and quiet)...nothing worked. Finally, like other folks have said, I went back to the lady in the sewer tunnels and bought some poison arrows. After that, I posted up behind that wall after the last gargoyles and before you have to sprint up to the knights, and equipped my Fog Ring to punch them with about 3-4 poison arrows. Waited for a few minutes and they died. Maybe a bit of cheese, but man, that part...after that though, the castle wasn't so bad.



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Patrick, you should totally play it! Seriously!

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I just bought it, can't wait to give it a shot! Congrats!

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HA! I literally made this picture three years ago to the day! So glad to finally have a place for it...

Welcome to my Rambo Co-op mode. Really though... file creation date: 08/04/2008. Weird.

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Nicely done!

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Ha, wow. Thanks for all the well-wishes, but I definitely DO NOT have macular degeneration! Not sure where that came from, but macular degeneration is some pretty serious stuff. I'm doing fine, I just have some fluid that made its way into my retina and should clear up on its own in a month or two. It's called central serous retinopathy, and the doctor says I just need to wait it out and avoid heavy stress. So, no more live shows for a bit. I KID. 

I'm fine, really, but thanks again for the support. It's very heartwarming.

Thanks again,
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That is really cool, love that it used to be an amp. Very inspirational, and well done!

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You're actually hearing clipping from our audio mixer. They are usually peaking before hitting our recording devices (which actually duck the input a few decibels). The on-board compressors on our mixer are not the best (trust me, we have them cranked) and as you probably know, folks like to scream. Getting people to actually emulate their vocal range during a mic check is tricky, but we usually gain them near 0dB (actually a bit under) in the on-board preamps, around their comfortable speaking voice, and then ride the faders throughout the recording.
We've had a compressor/limiter on our "to buy" list for a long time. We've had a lot of stuff on "to buy" list for a long time. As much as we'd like to be able to get everything we need all at once, we have to spend carefully and build up. We'll get there. Same for a dedicated audio engineer. When there is clipping in the audio we cringe as much as you. My wife was an audio engineer for years, so don't think I don't hear it.  We've all been doing this a long time, but we've got to make compromises with available resources. We'll get that compressor soon enough. 
Thanks for the feedback. 

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Yeah, we pipe the show into the phone/skype so you don't have to listen to the stream and you won't get the delay. I'll try and make it clearer to guys/gals screening the calls to mention that part. I'm still surprised everything works!