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I want to see the positive spin Sony will put on the move, if that's even possible.

I want to see GTA5, the new Sony and MS consoles, Half Life 3, a brand new and overhauled CoD, Bethesda's next project, Gearsbox scrapping that ridiculous BIA game, and actual games I care about on Vita and 3DS.

Obviously none of the obove things will happen but I'll be content with just footage of Assassin's Creed 3 and awesome GB late night podcasts :)

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@Funkofages said:

I've read a good chunk of this thread, but not all so if this point has been made already please forgive me.

Many people in America (and I would say maybe world wide) consider the President of the USA to be the most powerful person in the world. I think more people are willing to trust someone who answers to a higher power as something that might keep him in check, whereas someone with no such beliefs would essentially be above the law with no one to answer for. I would surmise that this goes doubly recently where it's been the other branches of government are largely ineffectual.

Not that this in any way makes logical sense, but people like the idea of everyone having to answer to someone.

I'm pretty sure the president answers to the citizens, or at least that's what someone once said....Kennedy maybe? I can't remember. Even if I just imagined it doesn't it sound better that the president answer to the people rather than an imaginary "higher power"?

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Fluent in 3 languages, and I mean fluent; not "I took 3 years of spanish" like some people here.

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Get yourself a nice bottle of Creme the Menthe and have fun. Just don't drink a lot because even though it tastes sweet it will destroy you very quickly; but then again why drink if not to get that awesome feeling?

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@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:

What is this? Nah but I forgot the name of that beat that Freddie spit it on in The Ghetto... I know that Big L spit on it but I forgot.... His style reminds me of a southern style. Meh, Im not into his music.

This here?

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@wmaustin55 said:

@PeasantAbuse Death grips and Action Bronson are getting a shit ton of play from me lately too

Are you as excited for Bronsolinio's collab with Harry Fraud as I am?

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I was gonna buy anyway just to see the result of remaking this game 90 times but that beta actually surprised me. I had a blast playing, the controls were great, it looked good and there is great potential for tactical combat.

May 22nd can't come soon enough now....

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@Irvandus said:

I would so be up for an underground zone adventure. I'm talking like massive though, like the deep roads in Dragon Age but fully explorable with all the abandoned and maybe not abandoned cities.

You been to blackreach yet, there's a whole underground world down there.

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Did it come out already?

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what do they smell like....I need to know....

but seriously that's pretty cool, and you should post this on ComicVine too