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Who goes to bed having showered and be therefore clean, but then sweats over the course of the night and then goes to work without having washed in the morning? Probably the same people who say they don't really smell much and so don't need deodorant every day.

If you sweat while sleeping then you need to loose some weight and get your shit together. Also did I say you can't also shower in the morning?

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as long as neither is into fucking mobas too and tries to pass that shit off as "content".

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Well technically there is nothing stupider than going in your nice clean bed without having taken a shower, and then grinding all that sweat, dirt and grime into your pillow and sheets over the course of the night.

But to each their own. I used to shower in the morning because my living situation didn't permit me to take them at night and the one perk is that it wakes you up in the morning.

real talk! Who goes to bed and ruins their sheets with all the dirt accumulated throughout the day? It's just weird to me. Probably the same people who only change their sheets like once a month...

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I'm pretty sure all 5 consoles (XONE, 360, PS3, PS4, WiiU) now do day one digital downloads.

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I especially loved all the free maps they gave out for Battlefield Bad Company 2. And when they finally decided to charge you, they did it right with Bad Company 2: Vietnam.

Yeah there was a time when Battlefield Hardline was a $20 expansion pack instead of a full retail game. I miss those days and hope they come back sometime soon.

Bad Company 2 may have stumbled a bit in the singleplayer department, but they did everything right when it came to the multiplayer. Don't get me wrong, I spend hundreds of hours playing Battlefield 3, but BC2 was some next level shit.

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yeah...there's already a million Drake wanabes out there...make it a million and one I guess. Here's how you make a song about having money:

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2014 year of the spider tank!

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Hey, I care buddy. I'm not sure if any retailers will even have this game though, which would suck. I haven't played Ghost Warrior but I heard those games were pretty okay for what they were, so here's hoping.

Wolfenstein was cool, but I'm ready for some WW2 action that sticks closer to the actual events.

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Any word on when the e3 prediction podcast will come out?

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So I just recently joined club nintendo and amassed enough coins to reach platinum status. On their rewards page it shows 4 games and a bunch of random junk they could mail me.

Can anyone clarify if these are permanent? I got Super Metroid on WiiU, when are they going to have a new batch of games available. Is it monthly? Yearly?

Also should I have saved my coins until they reveal what the "elite rewards" or whatever its called was announced?

I know they have a help section but the website has been totally unreliable since MK8 launched. Thanks for any help.