Ryan Davis, Starstruck

The first time that I have been starstruck was seeing Ryan Davis at PAX 2012. I was in front of the 5 hour energy booth, and he was walking out of an exhibition hall. My eyes and jaw were wide open, shocked that I was seeing one of the Giantbomb crew in real life. He think noticed me flabergasted, and walked up to me and asked me if I was okay. Me replying "You're Ryan Davis from.... ummm... Whiskey Media!?".

Ryan "Nope thats no longer a thing now".

I couldn't believe I forgot the name of the website that I routinely check. Ryan was a good sport about it and he asked me if was going to catch the live show and to make sure to hit up the Cards Against Humanity booth.

I asked him for a picture and stood next to him, Ryan goes "C'mon bring in here" while pulling me in, smiling and giving the thumbs up.

He's exactly the same nice, funny and stand out person you see on camera. As he walked away I finally remembered the name of the website and yelled out "GiantBomb!". Ryan continued walking pumping a fist in the air and slowly faded into the see of people.

Ryan Davis thanks for all the laughs and memories!

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