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Don't forget that the executive vice-president of talent relations and interim general manger of Monday night Raw is going to be the gm this Friday...

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@mrfluke: Get a "S" ranking on 5 or more episodes, which is really easy to do.

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@kashif1: First time I saw this thread, I said to myself "this dude is crazy". Then I played the "game" (it's an interactive anime, I think it's good, but not 70$ good) and I think he's right, the combat parts are boring and always the same, I mean you mash the B and Y buttons until you fill a gauge. Less of that and more QTEs please­.

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Honestly with those two choices I would say reckoning. Just for pure amount of time you can spend comparatively. If you have some rpg fatigue from skyrim or something than darkness I suppose. Although that game looked janky as hell to me.

no, The Darkness 2 far from being janky.

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Find the demo on the internet, burn it on a CD-R or DVD-R. Problem solved (for 360 owners at least).

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Candyman... I remember watching this movie thinking it was Beetlejuice back in the day, couldn't sleep alone or look in a mirror for a long time after that. Thanks for bringing back terrifying memories Alex.

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Dante was never cool. He went from one shitty design to another shitty design. It baffles me that anyone cares or considers Dante a visually interesting character in any way.

Fuck I hate Japan and its awful, awful character design.

edit: That first picture is an excellent piece of artwork though.

Dude, you have 1 716 posts on a gaming forum and you have a WWE superstar's shirt as your profile picture, you ain't telling me what's cool and what isn't.

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@JayDee said:
2k11 didn't revolutionize shit, game journalists just never played 2k10. or 9 or 8 etc. its incremental improvements. the addition of classic stuff has been great, but it isn't why you get it.
What? ask any b-ball fan they'll tell you that NBA 2K11 is probably the best NBA simulation game that they've played. I myself think that it's as good as NBA Live 2003 was at the time.
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Just goes to show that X was also over-rated.

Pretty much this. If you are out there saying that XIII sucks and X is incredibly amazing you need to play X again.
well, the battle systems are nothing alike, and that's why I loved FFX but didn't like FFXIII (I played 20 hours before giving up). But that's just me, I like turn based JRPG so it's no surprise that I'm not a fan of FFXIII (and FFXII).
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@ryanwho: wow, your last 2 posts just make you sound like a an elitist movie jerk lol. I don't take movies seriously so no I don't care about his voice at all.
Cool, you're the reason Transformers 3 and Pirates 4 exist. So be proud of that. With your lack of standards and such, easygoing attitude.
Never saw a Transformers movie, vaguely remember watching the first Pirates movie, so yeah I doubt that I'm their target audience lol. I'm just not a big movie guy and that's why it makes me giggle when people take them as seriously as you. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I just can't really understand it that's all