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@ryanwho: wow, your last 2 posts just make you sound like a an elitist movie jerk lol. I don't take movies seriously so no I don't care about his voice at all.
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Revenge, because traffic checking is awesome

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K, I don't know who Ryan Dunn is but if he killed someone while drunk driving, then fuck him

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@mnzy: Rihanna and a bunch of other stars were at the Montreal Grand Prix, plus they're getting a race next year if I heard right. so I would say yes
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@Sheepdude said:
I'm glad Alex doesn't show up on Quick Looks anymore. Quick Look videos are meant to give an unbiased first impression of a game - to give players an idea of what a game actually is. Alex is too quick to dismiss and bash games, and that's NOT what Quick Looks are. Save those criticisms for reviews.  Now I understand other GB members will comment about their lack of enthusiasm for the games they're previewing, but if so, they're try to legitimatize their complaints or use it for comedic value. I'm sorry, but Alex just straight up hates on games, and how are users supposed to ENJOY watching 40 minutes of someone bitch and groan about how bad the game is that they're playing? If it's so bad, why would I want to watch you play it?  I appreciate your reviews and articles, Alex, but you don't have the correct mindset for quick looks.
Looks like you have yet to watch a Ryan, Brad or Jeff QL... what i'm trying to say is that they all act like that when they just straight up don't like a game, you can't tell me that Alex is the only one doing that
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What's funny is that the majority of people who are shitting about the complainers are not even DMC fans... so why do they care?

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Google Canada. your mind has been blown.

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If you live in Canada, you'll be able to watch every game on CBC and TSN and if you live in the US, NBC and Versus should get you covered