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" Mine is a sad and tragic story I know. I pay 30 dollars a month for 200GB which is now changing to 25GB for the same price because of the laws. :( "

Teksavvy right? I saw in that e-mail that people from Ontario would go from 200 to 25, I really feel bad for you man. I live in Montreal so I'll go from 200 to 60. fuckin CRTC 
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@Hodas: well if that's their plan, they're too late. you can already play pirated games on the PS3 now lol
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Story for me, but gameplay has to be at least average or fun. don't really care about graphics, the only game that I stopped playing because of bad graphics was FFVII. I didn't have a PSX at the time so I tried play it a couple of years ago but man, that game has aged horribly. Still was able to play FFVIII though.

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It was good, but not as good as Final Fight 3.

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DMC3 is the best of the series and it's not even close. if you play it the right way (trying to do combos with different devil arms, guns and styles and not just mashing buttons) you'll have a ton of fun. and the cutscenes are the best that I've seen in a video game so far (but I'm a DMC fanboy lol)

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left pocket: phone
right pocket: wallet, mp3 player, keys

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fan of the NHL and NBA 2K series

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I'm losing money by not buying it right?

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@SnakeEyes327: shitty metal? can't make the difference, I don't like this kind of music. and it's a rebirth, so I don't think that he'll only have a new haircut. hell, we already know that it's not the same voice actor, new developer (wasn't a fan of Heavenly Sword) and they'll probably change the story as well. as a fan of the series, I just don't like it. you think that DMC needed a reboot, I don't so of course we're not going to agree.
and I really don't know why you care so much about my opinion lol, if you liked that trailer then good for you. I don't.