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@sessh: @dave_tacitus: @littleg: cheers :-) Have already booked to go back for the full weekend (again as a present for the Mrs so only able to do General Admission as buying both tickets). Gonna be a long wait for that now!! Will be cool to have a walk round and see where is best to watch. Would like to see more overtaking, although the speed at Becketts was great!

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Harris retiring gives us a chance, but England still bug underdogs

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I know some of you would of seen this if you follow Danny or Drew but was repping Alt-F1 at Silverstone yesterday (and there's a picture with the Mrs holding the logo too). My first British GP and only second GP after Abu Dhabi. Photo was taken at 6:30am when we'd got our place at Maggotts/Becketts complex.

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Surprised there's no mention of Iron Galaxy doing the port, or has that not been officially confirmed?

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OK, drew something. Inspired by HEAT 2-THE SEQUEL:

Alex is the fatalistic guy. He gets caught first.

This one is fucking ace

Brilliant, but needs more Jason!

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Thought I'd be in the minority but seems not. Co-op team shooter means this is nothing I'm interested in. I'm sure it'll be an excellent game, but not for me thanks

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THEY'RE ALREADY OUT! I only have enough loose change for one... Quick, which game is better, X-Wing or TIE Fighter?

I asked the same and was told TIE Fighter. Just wish I had a joystick to play them with

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I still stand by the fact that even though I've heard Jeff, Dave and Will Smith (Tested's) (among others) say that we cannot give up anonymity on the internet, I haven't heard a good, constructive reason to keep it.

Until there isn't more recourse for the actions of posting hate, like idiots on both sides have, this will continue, sadly.