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I still stand by the fact that even though I've heard Jeff, Dave and Will Smith (Tested's) (among others) say that we cannot give up anonymity on the internet, I haven't heard a good, constructive reason to keep it.

Until there isn't more recourse for the actions of posting hate, like idiots on both sides have, this will continue, sadly.

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I would love to play through Dark Souls at some point. Sadly I don't have the time or the want to put 60 to 70 hours into one game when I get very few hours to play a game at the best of times.

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Love it!!

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Awesome work!!!

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I have big ears and these Asus Vulcan still fit over them fine (which they have to as my PC shares the same room as the main TV, so the other half is watching TV at the same time I use the PC).

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RIP Ryan. Just horrible news

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That's amazing!!!

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Seems a fair assesment. Nothing too revolutionary, but that is hard to judge from trailer. What we do know is that a good amount of the audience (me included) will wait till at least 2014 to get One