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I sent you an invite: boucfidel

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Zombies being fashion is nothing new, but honestly, I didn't find DI:R that bad; for instance, I liked the open-world setting and the handmade weapon upgrades. You usually lose 100-200 bucks when dying, depending on the number, level, or whatever. And who likes being "punished" in a video game anyway, as you still have to accomplish your tasks: helping civilians while cleansing the Island from the zombies...

Aria of Sorrow is a great game, no doubt, but I am looking forward to the new CLOS2, too.

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Spelunky: I bought & started playing it before it was $3.75 on PSN, but didn't play it much in spite of the PS3/PSV cross-playability;

FC Blood Dragon: the same, but I'm still far from finishing it since albeit some people had the game even on their GOTY list, I couldn't really get into it (as likewise in Far Cry 3);

Brothers: I just started playing it the other day and actually liked the puzzles while finding the controls the most original aspect in the game, yet you're certainly right with the sort of "Simlish" they're speaking, and the story isn't too exciting so far, either. As a game I prefer Papo & Yo which is a bit similar but about which people have been speaking far less, or else Doki Doki Universe with its naive charm and less linear storyline.

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@zevvion: Actually, I don't think DICE will spend all year long on BF4 map optimization, and--unlike Battlefront--Mirror's Edge 2 won't be that big a game, probably, either, so I still consider its release possible by the end of this year ( has it listed for pre-order!).

After abstaining from buying it on Steam earlier I am looking the more forward to playing Don't Starve on PS4 as it is free for PS+ now :D

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@rockyraccoon37: So it seems you're less excited for the games I'm more into, and vice versa, with the exception of Octodad, of course. I played already the demo and hope it will be as fun as expected :D

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@hermes said:

How about Fallout 4? I mean, if we are going to include vaporware like HL3 and Last Guardian, that one could be up there too...

Solid list, though. Some of those games I didn't even remember...

Yes, you're certainly right, but this is why I made the omission dots and where the lists thins out... beyond further doubt ;)

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I loved GTA V but am also curious as regards Sleeping Dogs which is one of the free Games for Gold on XBL this month (at least in Europe).

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Good to see some love for The Crew. It is the one I am most looking forward to.

True, I even had hoped it came out in 2013 already, but maybe Ubisoft was too busy with AC IV (and Watch Dogs?)...

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@roger778 said:

Dragon Age Inquisition, is my most anticipated game of 2014 for now, simply because I own the first two.

My main goal this year is to catch up on games that came out last year that I missed. For example, Batman Arkham Origins, and Saints Row IV are two I want to play.

Right, me too: given that many of the "anticipated" titles seem to be coming out after the summer break only, I'll profit in order to play/finish a maximum of my backlog games in the meantime ;]

Did you try out Heroes of Dragon Age? It's quite an addictive (free) Android app based in the Dragon Age ambiance combined with tactical squad upgrade choices...

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@l4wd0g said:

@spraynardtatum: It's being published by EA and recently they have had a lot of exclusives (Titanfall, Peggle 2, BF4 Maps etc.) going to Microsoft. Maybe?

It's going to be a good year for gaming.

You're right that EA made a special agreement with Microsoft recently, which affects certainly titles like Ryse, Titanfall, and PvZ Garden Warfare. But given the minor popularity of XB1 compared to PS4 one could already have the impression that this MS-exclusive policy had already been softened on EA's part.