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@ptys: Naw man, maybe you just heard that the beta was live?

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As a siren, Maliwan all the way, dude.

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@ajamafalous: You probably won't be reaching there until you're around level 10, but t's in Sanctuary. Specifically, the same building where the Fast Travel & recustomization board is located. Just, don't trust the only chest in Sanctuary that looks like it can have a gun stash, basically.

/made the same mistake with her golden key :/

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@laussica: Ehh, speccing Lilith as either Control (Shields-focused plus health regen on Phasewalk) or Phoenix + a good SMG was death incarnate in the first Borderlands. Soloing as Maya is different, but still very doable, esp if you spec into Motion to grab the Phaselock duration bonus, kill skill that regens shields, and abuse Phaselock like it's going out of style. Phase + sniper rifles = profit ^_^

EDIT: oh, also Sweet Release is far too good to pass up if you're already piling on the hurt with Phaselock. With that and Inertia it's very hard to die unless you go blundering in without any strategy at hand.

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Siren all the way, dude. Phaselock is the most useful ability of the four characters, imo, combined with any of the abilities that synergize with it (Sweet Release and Wreck, in particular, are amazing).

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Quality video, man. The steak discussion combined with Chie!Jeff, Yosuke!Brad, and Kanji!Vinny had me on the floor.

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Considering this is their first BNet hack pretty much ever, that's pretty damn impressive. I noticed the physical authenticators aren't affected, so that's just another reason to get one if you're a perennial Blizzard games kinda person.

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I dare all of you to watch "Master of Martial Hearts." All five parts of it. In one sitting.

After watching that I can't accept the challenge.

oh god... i couldn't make it through. that was the most awkard fanservice i have ever seen

so hilarious. wow

Dear god what did I just watch o_o

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Only if it was a videogame about unloading on a group of innocents. Otherwise I fail to see how the tragedy in Colorado connects with Giant Bomb, or that anything posted on GB could be REMOTELY as in bad taste and out of touch as that NRA tweet/account that got deleted.