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@The_Laughing_Man said:

Why drag up a year old thread?  "

Just a whim.
@Emilio said:

" No, he is just Mega Hetero.  The whole homosexual thing is just some fangirls fan fic. "

I really can't imagine any fangirls writing fanfics about Zangief of all people. 

He seems all business and rarely cracks a smile except when dancing with Gorbachev

What are you talking about? 'Gief smiles pretty frequently.
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They list irrelevant crap like the character's weight, blood type and hobbies, so it's not a major stretch to comment on their sexuality too.

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I dare say that his beard is even mightier than that of Zangief himself.

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Has anyone else ever had the impression that Thomas Rogan's surname was supposed to be "Logan" but wasm't quite rendered correctly by the Japanese designers/programmers/whoever?

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It's just got a better ring to it.

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Y'know, Juri's creation has gotten me thinking, there's not a lot of evil women in the Street Fighter series, is there? The only ones who I could think of are Cammy, Juli & Juni, and they were all thralls of Shadaloo, not acting of their own volition, and Cammy became one of the good guys when left to her own devices.  So, Juri seems to be the first woman in the series to act evil because she wants to. 
Have I forgotten anyone?
And would anyone else like to see a few more female villains in Street Fighter?

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Y'know, you're actually asking why they're called "Dragon Force", not where they are.

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I think Ash really needs to have it out with the Poison from Final Fight.

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I dunno, beating up a guy in a wheelchair kinda makes your characters look like a bunch of ruthless bastards who won't even go easy on the handicapped. That at least fuels the feeling that your characters are these indefatigable bad-asses who'll stop at nothing to do what has to be done.

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As a young lad, I could have sworn that he was saying "Hit da floor".

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