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@Erzs said:
" My ex is on his way to being signed, or something or another. If he gets big then fair play. But like has been said it changes nothing in my life, I wouldn't talk of it to anyone new and those who know that we used to date I doubt would make a big deal of it. I have my own self worth without having to brag about ex-boyfriends! "
So if someone started talking about him to you, you wouldn't be like "yeah, we were lovers" or anything?
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@weegieanawrench said:
" @CitizenKane said:
" I would be happy for them. "
This. It wouldn't change anything for me other than my happiness for their success. "
Bragging rights? "I fucked that bitch back when I was 14!"
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Plus Facebook relationship statuses. It would say if you and *famous person* are/were together.

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@Mrskidders said:

" Any nobody would believe you.  You do realise that this is a video game website yeh?  Feel free to make a thread or two about gaming at some point. "

Well if they don't believe you, show them pics of you two together. You and Mr. Obama before he was president and married (if you're female or gay/bi).
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 Let's say that one of the girls (or guys) you dated back in high school became the president or a musician or an actor or something. How would you react? I mean really, what if you knew Hayley Williams back when she was in high school, before she was famous and you two were lovers? You could tell everyone you dated Hayley Williams.

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@hedfone said:
" i love video games "
me2, but back on topic
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United Federation of Planets, unfair and unbalanced

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@coryrx8 said:

" @ManMadeGod said:

"No way in hell. The EU has not exactly been an outstanding success for Europe: why should we unite the entire world? What good would come out of it? People and nations around the world are unique and all have different ideas on how to govern. Why make some weak centralized government that no one would agree with? Do all of the people that voted yes really think China, North Korea, Russia, and the United States would all get along in a world government? Please, spare me the joke!  "
Agreed... we've really already tried the "weak centralized government" idea with the UN, and it hasn't exactly been a resounding success. The countries that you named don't exactly agree on anything there either. The only way that this hypothetical "United Earth" would be any different from the UN is if it wasn't a "weak" centralized government, but that brings with it a whole host of different problems. "
It would be worth it.
  58.2% of 67 votes cast. You cast your vote for "yes". 
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@ryanwho said:
" @Ghostiet said:
" I consider the EU something that tries to kill my freedom in very creative ways, so I would certainly join the rebels if someone came up with a shitty idea like that. "
That's how they get you. The World Empire and the Rebel Alliance are run by the same shadow governing body. Also there's sex. Its all in my Hitmanagent fanfiction. "
Like the GDI and the NOD. jk
Like 1984?