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I've been playing Pocket Racing on Android recently (fun game, check it out) and have got a hankering for some more top down racing action. 
Obviously back in the day there were loads of these games but they seem to be few and far between these days. Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent Windows based multi-player, network enabled top down (or isometric elevated 3D type view)  racing game? 

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Works for me, I'm always up for easy achievements and free XP ;D

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Interesting, I loved fable 2 but this isn't exactly an incentive to go buy the 3rd one!

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 Hi. I was wondering if anyone on these forums has rooted an HTC Desire Android phone?  I was hoping you would share your experiences as I am not sure whether to do it or wait until the official HTC Froyo 2.2 release comes out later in the year.

If you have rooted (or attempted to) how did it go? Was it easy? Can you share a link to a site with any good advice you followed?

If you have installed a custom ROM then which one are you using? Did you try any others and why did you reject them?

Thanks to anyone who replies.  Hopefully you guys can help me make my mind up!

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this thread would suggest the system is currently running much slower than expected
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@Milkman said:
" Jeff. After he left GameSpot, I followed his blog and came here. "
Yerp, me too.  Although I have been away for a while.  It's nice to be back now! :)
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Never totally died, and I have a "premium" 20gb from less than a year after launch. 
That said it has shown me a "failure to read data" message many times.  Almost always after I paused the game for a long time it would not come back.  Thank god for the install to disc feature nowadays (although with a 20Gb hard drive I can only have one on there at a time).

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PES 2010

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Just joined the site and I've been stuck at positions 83 and 84 in the queue for several hours now. I guess it is b0rked :(