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Thanks to everyone doing this. I'm sure lots of us have been dying to get into the Preview Program after E3, myself included. @big_jon: I've sent you a XBL message, Gamertag is ChibiViqor.

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It's not so much theoretical for me since I bought both the Oculus DK1 and DK2 and plan to get the consumer version when it comes out, although I agree with a lot of people that bespoke software is what is needed to sell these things. I've had a lot of fun messing around with demos, but tech demos are not enough to sell VR to your average consumer or even enthusiasts. We still haven't seen a big, meaty experience that can only be achieved in VR. The closest I've seen is Elite Dangerous, which is greatly enhanced by VR, but It's far from essential, although I don't like playing without it.

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@humanity:It seemed like such a good idea at the time. I usually buy new cards on a 2 year cycle and thought this would be a good way to extend my life for less money, $300 for performance that easily bested the fastest card available at the time looked great from the outside (I also had a surprisingly GOOD experience with a pair of 8800GTS' back in the day, although in retrospect my standards were probably just lower). It did, but only by about a year and change. Right after I bought my second card VRAM became a major concern for the first time in years (this can be a problem when you use SLI as an upgrade path, although I think a lot of people probably got screwed by this, not just multi-card users) and having to tweak most games and still having to deal with odd glitches and problems that you can only fix by disabling SLI has kind of put me off of doing it again for the near future. When it works it's pretty awesome, but I think it's still hit and miss when you're dealing with older cards on an upgrade path.

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It feels weird putting Kerbal Space Program onto a list like this, since I've been playing it for several years now, but it's out and it's by far the most fun I've had in a sandbox game, but The Witcher 3 is stunning and somehow more than my stupid bloated expectations had hoped for, so I have to give it to that. Bloodborne was also really good, but The Witcher feels like it was made for me. I don't really see anything else topping it this year, and I love me some Metal Gear. Maybe, MAYBE if Persona 5 comes out this year and is somehow as charming as Persona 4.

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Yeah, I've got dual GTX 680s right now and I've run into just enough irritations over the past couple years like games having bad support or problems at launch (Far Cry 4), games with marginal unofficial support (Dark Souls II), and games that straight up don't work at all with it (Wolfenstein), that I'm looking forward to jumping off of this train soon (waiting on full reviews of AMD's new stuff before making a decision). Although I might have been convinced to hold on for a little longer if my VRAM situation wasn't so dire (only 2GB at 1440p). Performance is good when support is there, but it really isn't as universal as it should be by this point and it makes owning and tweaking an SLI setup very time consuming).

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I'm gonna have to echo the general sentiment here and say that if you want to play both, absolutely play 3 first. I played 4 first and between its extremely slow paced start and the mechanical differences I found it immensely difficult going back to Persona 3. It ended up taking me years and several attempts before I actually beat P3, and that ended up being the PSP version (which trades better mechanics for lowered difficulty and simpler presentation). I really wish that there was a more definitive version of P3, but FES has the best presentation so it's a good version to play if you get used to the gameplay.

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I went back and forth a lot when I first started playing. I never really liked Witcher 2 with a gamepad, but Witcher 3 is really good with one. I ultimately decided to go with Keyboard + Mouse, but I don't think you're missing out either way (especially on pc, where you can switch at will for inventory and quicksaving). My only real complaint is that certain actions are tied together (like Witcher sense and parry) and can only be rebound to the same key. Not being able to figure out a workable scheme using RMB for strong attack (like in The Witcher 2) almost drove me entirely to the gamepad camp until I got used to it.

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@karkarov: I've had entire sessions not get counted, so definitely not something that can be relied on. My counter has me at 119 hours now, but I'm fairly certain that it's closer to 140-150 at this point. It seems to be better at keeping track now than when the game first came out.

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I've actually read both within the past year, but I'd love a good discussion about The Witcher short stories so that's where my vote went.

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Have the same problem as well. Using chrome 43.