I'm sparing this from the forums, so you should be thankful

I'm bored. And I've had a glass of beer, so I really want to troll the forums and be a jerk to the new girl user (i'm sure she's a good person, but she's asking for it by talking about girl things and cats and spells since "s-e-n-s-e"), but instead i'm not, i'm keeping this on my profile. You're welcome, you're welcome, the five dollar steaks are on me. 
Umm uhhhhh yeah i mostly just want attention right now but the IRC is dead and rowr's playing RDR with sweep and wallace so weeeeee *tweedles thumbs* Okay lists:
1. Smoking kills: i learned this from triple X. And not because of cancer, but because of heat missals
2. My book is almost complete, and i will be a published illustrator 
3. The Bones finale was sad; why can't they all just love each other and live as one happy family!?!?!?
quattro means four in spanish or something
5. my phone is being an absolute c-word (edited for claude even though i think the word is harmless, but he's usually the only one who reads/comments on my blogs)
6. anyway, my phone is being an absolute c-word because the screen is dead, but sometimes it comes back to life, and sometimes it has a rave, but it makes me feel incompetent and lonely and like i have no control over my technology, which really sucks =(
7. favorite recent compliment: "i've never met such a cool girl on the internet" awwwww
8. favorite not so recent compliment: "you make the best food" awwwwww
9. I don't know how to be vague about this, but basically... i do alright. 
10. whenever i sit down to enjoy a good meal and need some entertainment, it's always the gory episodes of Bones or CSI that come on.
 11. I really want a baby sloth. and a baby echidna. and a baby hedghog. I don't want cats or dogs though. Unless it was a big dog. who could bring me the mail and shit, or could flush the toilet.
12. Good night, i'm sorry i subjected you to this, but really, it's your own fault for clicking on this blog. ha HA 
Virago out

virago > alright, yes, the forums seem to be full of less intelligent people

< virago > but they do tend to be niceer

< virago > like when there are new people

< virago > especially girls

< virago > they're all like

< virago > oh hai welcome to the site!

< virago > and not like FAG GTFO

< virago > it's weird

< virago > i'm saddened by this

< virago > which might be even weirder.

< virago > shoot i should've added that in the blog

< virago > sorry guys.
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Iron Man 2: The chicks are awesome.

No really. For the first time in all of comic book movie history, I didn't roll my eyes when the women were talking, or scoff when they got rescued for the nth time. I'm open to be proved wrong, but this is the first time the female roles were not "whiny b*tch girlfriends" (as a friend of mine so eloquently put it). 
Yeah, scarlett johansen is hot, blah blah, yes, tony stark's still kind of a Bro, but it wasn't smothering you with it. I completely understand the need/want/desire for the hot bodied sexy sleuths, but the fact that they had BRAINS simply floored me. It was remarkably refreshing. 
More and more, female characters are taking a stand in their cinematic roles. How to Train Your Dragon had a kick-ass female lead, who was of course gorgeous (for a cartoon?) but furthermore, she was one of the best in her class -- not super nerdy, not the cheerleader prep -- she was just capable. So i'm freaking stoked. I know it's not a huge deal for you guys, you relate more to the male characters, and the chicks are either hot or not, and if they can kick ass, whatever. But there's this trend of going beyond just "butt-kicking-chicks", they're solid, and have real control over their actions. 
Iron Man 2 will not disappoint you. I'm not going to say it's super awesome, because that always ruins movies for me, and i'm not going to say the acting could've been better, or the dialogue was overly verbose, because i don't believe any of that. Personally, I was impressed with IM2, and whole-heartedly recommend you watch it.


A Happiness Blog

Hello dear GB community, 'tis I V. I know I usually only come here to whine about my life via statuses (stati?) so my friends and family aren't bothered on facebook, and there's plenty of grit under my nails, but I figured I'd try to write a blog about things that are going swell. Kinda like Peter Pan and his happy thoughts. If you have anything that makes you happy, you should let me know. Because I would like to hear happy things. Alright here we go:

1. Squeezing honey packets so they make farting sounds: Great way to make class go faster. Also, you make interesting friends.

2. Sitting on the porch reading latin. One last language credit to go, and I'm still in love with latin. There's something absolutely unchanging about the language; it's so formulaic, so dependable. It might throw in some crazy word orders, but the grammer still stays true and will never abandon you.

3. Telling my cat that it needs to get a job and stop laying around the house all day, then caving and letting her cuddle. She needs a new and proper home, but that lazy sucker is darn cute.

4. Baking extravagent pastires. I have the most awesome job in the world. 4/5 days a week, the best part of my day is going to work. How many people can say that?

5. Australia! Moving in June for a year, and I could not be more happy to get outta here. It's my second home, and I feel nostalgic just thinking about those kangaroos and the open fields and the "ta"s and "g'day"s and the suuuunnnnnn. I can't imagine living in a place that has sun more than 40 days out of the year, good grief.

6. Bed time. I know everyone loves sleep, and they wish they could sleep all day blah blah blah. It's not like that though. I love turning the lights of at 9:30pm and pulling up the covers and letting sleep knock me out. It's the best feeling after a long day.

7. And saving the best for last, Rowr. I'm the luckiest girl in the world, and I hope he doesn't mind I publicize how much he means to me, but I can't imagine my life without him. I'm a better person just knowing him, and I look forward ever so much in spending the rest of my life with him.

And there we go. Happy Thursday to you all, I hope you have a sunshiney dayyyyy

<3 V

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Angry Blog


The last week has been like One. Big. Giant. Rick Roll. Except rather than a goofy rick astley, it's a disgusting monster. Also, the whole "link GB to your facebook!" and "link GB to your twitter!" makes me just want to punch even more babies.  And i cut my thumb --not at work where I'm around a plethora of knives everyday but instead-- making soup. Soup! I circumsize my stupid thumb from making a soup. My deadline for Tyrannosaurs Carus is like, tomorrow? A week from tomorrow? hell if i know, but I'm behind. Also, double whammy midterms next week. And to top it off , I'm annoyed it's sunny because if it were raining, i would be able to be miserable about something else. But i'm miserable that I can't be more miserable. If any of you have control over speeding time up to August, I would *really* appreciate being in australia right now, thanks. 
<3  Annoyed With Everything
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Well Hello April, Screw You Too.

I woke up this morning to find my Brand. New. Headphones. Broken. The chord was smashed in half, and they were perfectly fine when I went to bed. And they were a gift from Rowr too =| So, naturally I cried all the way to work, and planned my roommate's demise. However, said roommate denies knowing anything about them... just like when my room was trashed after I came home after vacation... Ugh. I'm very upset. Also, I've got a terrible cough/sore throat, and it won't go away, and I tried so hard not to get this stupid unending cough that everyone else has been getting, but no dice. In other news, I found this picture (below), and it's quite befitting off my last blog about trying to find games for my mac. I'm not going to stoop and get a PC though, sorry guys. However I fully recognize that I'm ignorant and pretentious, and know nothing about anything. And I'm quite alright with that.


PC games for Macs?

I know I know, macs are stupid, I should just buy a PC. But i'm never going to do that, so what are my other options? Screw Tetris and Peggle and MMOs, I want legit games.  I have Machinarium already, what else is available? 
<3 V


I'm so behind *excited face for video games*

I know, I know, I'm a terrible game-player (so terrible I can't even be considered a gamer), but This is my blag on Bio shock and Mass Effect 2. And Stalker, why the heck not?!
Alright, I didn't actually play any of these, and I'm kinda glad, because the idea of setting people on fire and then shooting them gets me all wiggly inside (told you i'm terrible), but Bio Shock 2 is really quite fantastic. I'm gonna go ahead and use Rowr's words, but to all those people who are too stubborn to even TRY #2 (*cough* sweep *cough*), just freaking rent it and play an hour. 
Mass Effect: I (slash not me at all) played as a chick, and I liked it a lot better than being a girl in any other game. So that was cool. I love the plot, the graphics, the combat, the everything.  Hooray!
Stalker -- i think i spent five minutes watching it? It's totally a guys' game. I can't do the whole russian mafia gun point i don't even know what. But it did have awesome graphics. It just wasn't my thing =\  To be fair, though, I should've spent more time with it.
Yeah, a real blog about real video games!
<3 V

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Things Going On In Virago's Life

I'm never around anymore, and those who Do know me think I've died, and those who Don't know me, have no idea why I'm so important.  Roflcopter.
Anyway. So I'm taking 21 credits this term (and next) so that I can graduate with my BA in digital arts. Whoo hoo! we'll see if I survive.
Currently in my longest and bestest relationship eva with the elusive Rowrasaur, and still can't get enough of the aussie accent =) 
Working part time as a pastry maker in the mornings, so I'm well on my way to adult diabetes (way too much sugar involved with that job lemme tell you).
Also, I'm illustrating a children's book that will be published in June? May? Jeez, whenever I get my freaking act together it seems. It's about dinosaurs and soccer and the end of the world, so fun times ahead Fo Sho. I'll let you all know when it's out so you can buy one/get a freebee ;)
 And now I'm off to write papers and draw hearts and T-Rex's! No video game updates; the xbox is safe and sound in canada, where all sorts of fun games are being used on it. Whoopee!

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Virago's GOTY list

We all know what a huge gamer I am. And if you don't know, then let me tell you: i'm a huuuuuuuuge gamer. You know how many games I played this year? Lots and lots. (*snickers sarcastically*) So here's my list, GB: 
3. Super Wario for the Wii 
Quite a fun game, except I really hated the cheerleader level. I got stuck there for like, three rounds. It's quite a clever little game, and, being a wii game, fun when 
 you have multiple people playing it with you. 
2. Assasin's Creed 
  I got kind of hooked playing this and ignored rowr for like 2 whole days =| so it was that awesome, but it's not number one because it sort of sucked my soul. 
        Graphics were awesome, and the Italian was sweet, the story was very intriguing, blah blah blah....  
1. Machinarium 
The only game I finished in the last 12 months, besides GoW2. In fact, I forgot about that game, and would totally replace wario if i wasn't so lazy. Anyway,  
Machinarium is about this robot, and it's a flash game that's like... 6 hours long, depending how speedy gonzalez you are at figuring out puzzles. The look of it's  
amazing, the music isn't annoying, and the robot is the cutest machine object i've ever seen. And it's fun. And really addicting. 
That's my list, lol at people who think i'm serious. 
<3 V 

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Dear Sweep

This blog is dedicated to my favorite game designer, Sweep "I Want You Inside Me" Sweepums.
We've had a long go together on the forums and IRC, as well as a podcast and some very personal skype conversations.
Mostly it's the distance and busy levels and girlfriends that keep us separated, but when we come together... it's magical. Kind of like harry potter but with less gingers.

So my blog.
I haven't been doing shit in the video game world. In fact, what I HAVE done has more to do with dinosaurs and deck chairs than anything. Also banana sandwich waffles.
Uh... New MUA game = awesome. comic books + video games are almost as good as just plain comic books.
New Zelda = WOOOOOooooo!!! Link is my homeboy.
New Harry Potter movie = I haven't caught up on the last one, so I guess I should do that.
Microsoft = Kicking effing ass. I'm terrified. Next step: Robot Apocolypse. Side note: would you rather have the robot apocolypse or the zombie apocolypse?

Apologies to the IRC for only coming on when I'm drunk or caffeinated. Someday I'll be normal. Maybe. No promises.
Apologies also to the forums for similar reasons. <3 to the mods, 'specially pamzy. and wtf kush, i still think it's weird you're a mod. Also, as a mod, more cannoli ought to be encorporated on the forums. And vagina.

Okay. There. That's my blog. back to finals.