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@rowr: I'm reading your posts, you wang

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Wait, I thought this was a joke! Bahahahahaha. "Batman RIP" has a whole new meaning now.

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I could kiss you both! Weekend saved!! <3

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So my husband downloaded Infinite on his steam account, and I was going to play it while he's at work, but apparently my two options are to either: 1) Erase his game 2) Weep.

I would've downloaded it on my own steam account and bought it all over again, but I have a crappy mac that's incompatible. Furthermore, everything's closed in town and I can't buy a hard copy. Blasted holiday weekends.

I tried the googles, but I couldn't find any eye-opening revelations. Has anyone successfully played two games on one account, or am I doomed to wait until he finishes and I see alllll the spoilers?

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The trick is to repattern. Just like any habit, you have to make a conscious effort to switch to a new response, and slowly the old habit subsides. Since you've been doing it for awhile, it'll take some time. Since it's a hand to mouth issue, try chewing gum, small candies, rubbing your lips together while tapping your fingers plus deep breaths - anything that uses hands and mouth simulataneously but not touching. Then you can step back to just mouth or just fingers (pencil twirling, nail cleaning, bubble-gum-blowing) until you ween yourself off.

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"Steam might not have turned me into a lazy cunt, but it certainly brought it to my attention."

Real talk.

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Okay so you have to target the barrels on the ground before shooting at all. Thanks :)

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So no spoilers intended, but I'm supposed to shoot the gun powder barrels but nothing happens when I hit the triangle button (y on Xbox). I have the pistol equipped, I even have a musket that I can pickup and drop with the O button (b on Xbox) but nothing happens. I've got the HUD enabled, pressing L1 to aim, nothing. Is this a glitch or am I just retarded?

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@Black_Rose: You sneaky devil, good to see you BR!!

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@TheHT said:

Mario Kart? Those characters are all in Smash Bros, not Mario Kart.

Nice work though!

Ah, good catch! Totally brain dead. thanks :D