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Oo! Me Me!

Steam username: Viraglue.

I've only played in single player and co-op, and since Rowr's MIA, I've only been playing in single player. AND I HATE IT. So if anyone's still into this game, definitely add me and I'll kick some gremlin butt with you.

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I played the shitty mac version of Cave Story, and couldn't stand the music. I didn't mind the story so much, but got stuck on a lot of levels. So it sounds like it's still got that sadistic quality. I'd be interested in playing it, but only if it was free. I don't think I'd invest much, if any, money into it. Awesome reviews though, I like your writing style =)

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Oh jeez, the list is endless. But that's the thing with this sort of stuff, you've got to push to meet deadlines so people don't lose interest/company doesn't go bankrupt, and some things get put on the back burner or just left out entirely.

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@jozzy: I don't find this sexist. It's specifically a middle aged woman... not "women in general".

For free, online games, I would suggest Castaway 2(adventure RPG) or Don't Touch My Gems (tower defense).

I'd recommend Fable II if she likes fantasy and adventure.

Cave Story if she's using a simple PC

Anything by thatgamecompany (TGC), specifically Flower and Flow.

Good luck!

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...That totally depends what she likes, and what sort of entertainment she's interested in, and what platform it's on. Can you give us more details?

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Yup, met a few GB'ers in real life, even married one :D I wish I could hang out with the IRC crowd of 2008-2010, they're some awesome people.

@Sweep: We wished you could've been there! We'll meet up in England... 2013 some time. We'll make it happen <3

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@LordAndrew: Gettin' married! Did you know Rowr? We got married in July =) So it was a crazy few months and just haven't been on the internet much.

@RockmanBionics: Yeah, but it's *getting* the star that's hard. I just fail, there's no hope for me.

@DoctorWelch: Ahh I see what you mean, I'll keep that in mind!!

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A picture I did for my friend. I don't know if she likes Mario. I don't, I'm terrible at it. But sometime an image pops into your head and you have to draw it. I really want to do more video game artwork, and I know I say it almost every time I post one of these here, it's just that I don't have a lot of enthusiasm if it's a personal drawing. I only really get into video game themes if it's for someone else.

Have a good one!

<3 V

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There are some quality cover images in here, nice job community!

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Oh god. This thread. I remember this thread. Claude, claude, claude...