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MK vs DC: A great game to introduce people to the fighting genre 0

Numerous times I've tried to get into fighting games.  I've tried Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter, and Tekken, yet none of them kept me interested for more than a week.  The problem isn't with the quality of the games, most of them were near AAA productions, but rather, the problem was me.  I couldn't cope with the confusing blocks, parries, combos, etc.  These games were obviously designed for the hardcore fighting fans, and therefore I wasn't part of the target audience.  This said, I still was l...

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Chu Chu Rocket Review! 0

Intro: Wow, I feel sorta bad. My Dreamcast, while remaining faithful to me, has been left neglected and unused or some time now. It's really a shame, but I've made it up to the little thing. I've played, and now I'm gonna review, "Chu Chu Rocket!" for you (as well for my precious little Dreamcast). If I'm correct, I believe "Chu Chu Rocket" was released sometime in the first quarter of the Dreamcast's launch. It was one of the first games that allowed Sega and it's Dreamcast to enter the big (an...

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Call of Duty 2 0

Intro: Call of Duty 2 is, well, a World War Two shooter. If you couldn't figure that out from the start, then you're special in more ways then one. I digress. Anywho, this (like I mentioned before) is a WW2 shooter that lets you take on the perspective of three different soldiers in different scienarios. One of the soldiers is in the British Army, fighting in Africa, one is a Russian soldier fighting for his motherland, and respectivily, an American Solider fighting during D-day. All of these sc...

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Conker: Live and Reloaded 0

Ok, before we start, go back several years ago. Remember that little black box that we all know and love? Yes! The N64! Well, Conker started his video game career on Nintendo's little 64-bit system, first appearing in "Diddy Kong Racing" and eventually he got his very own game. The game's title was appropriate, being named "Conker's Bad Fur Day", and it was one of the best-looking N64 games out at the time (although, it came out near the end of the system's life-span). It was almost a sort of "g...

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One of the best: Halo 0

"WART WART". Know what this dialog is from? If you don't, you need to see help immediately. Not only because it's from one of the most well designed and well rounded games ever, but because the name of the game is in the title of this review. Yes, it is the one and only (well, not really since there's a Halo 2...but yeah...) HALO! Many regard this game as the best FPS ever, and with a great plot, stunning visuals, awesome multiplayer, and tons of replayabilaty, this game is one of, if not the t...

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Civilization: A bad port, but such a great game 0

After playing Civilization: Revolution, i have to say that Sid Meier is one of the most intelligent game creators out there.  Dare I say that his likeness belongs up there with guys like Will Wright.  What makes me say this is that Meier, along with Firaxis,  was able to come up with a concept that seems rather silly and make it totally addictive.  Who ever thought that someone could make a game about history fun?Before I even played Civilization I had several assumptions.  First off, I thought ...

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