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Good for Johnny but I don't actually know what that means. I know what promotions are, of course.

What exactly does the new position get him? Does he have more power?

let's just say no one man should have all that power

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@soapy86 said:

Studio Liverpool and Wipeout are dead, and yet Evolution and this piece of shit limp on. What an embarrassment.



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@j23 said:

So wait, have you actually started playing EVE, @Patrick? I've always heard that it's more fun to hear about stories coming out of EVE than to play it, but it certainly seems like getting caught up in the web of lies and betrayal that seem to envelop most of these corps would be pretty fun.

I played about five hours before we headed to Iceland, and am mulling a return...

I am considering joining the GB corp if you make a return, although it probably means frustration since the faction they are aligned with really hates me.

kite co just dropped factional warfare so that shouldn't be a problem. We do have active war declarations from a couple funny guys who like to pick on newbie miners though.

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So we did a prearranged fight with some dudes this was the result

If you can't decipher that basically the stuff on the left is what we killed and the stuff on the right is what we lost. The range dampeners worked their magic apparently as they were unable to focus fire on us.

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Getting consistent and fun pvp roams does require a certain number of people to coordinate with. The giantbomb corp Kite Co. in game has done a few roams once or twice a week maybe although idk about time zones. If you want consistency to getting on fleets you would have to join up with a corp that has a record of doing pvp often.

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@mast said:

@pr1mus said:

OP does sound like a crazy person.

Really? Like a crazy person? Really? Just thinking that Dave should be able to pursue his own ideas makes me sound like a crazy person? Seriously? You must have a really low bar for what falls under the category of "crazy" to you.

I guess the other people in this thread that agree with me are all crazy too...

I really don't understand humanity....


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@mast said:

@alexslime said:

as a matter of fact one of the corp's major long term goals is to get Dave Snider into a Titan, the largest most ridiculous ship in the game

Wait, so you are trying to bribe Dave into the corp that bears the name that you stole from him? You're "paying Dave of" and trying to make it ok by saying that you are going to get him the most expensive ship in the game? You people are unreal....

/mind boggled

no way man eve is real i was there

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Just say no to forum drama!

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X I will be on the roam friday