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@Peanut said:

Guys, the maw of the world has opened and Old Ones have begun to come forth and consume. I cracked a cold one and took a seat on the precipice of reality, wherein my cool, clean Molson 67 was the only thing keeping my subconscious from being devoured by the specter of Destiny. The Eye of Fate has opened and I see not but the harsh realities of this plane of existence. It was in this state of pre-consumption enlightenment that I finally realized...I was naked at school.

I don't know but I approve and congratulate

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this is the first I have heard about a stream

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when the pleasurbots cum we won't stand a chance

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3d and 48fps ;)

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This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.

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@envane said:

@VisariLoyalist: problem for me was i just bought and sold some plex to get a nice starting nestegg and basicly spoiled the early game and any sense of reward for me eheh .. but in hindsight i know it was my fault eheh not the games

that's an odd problem because to be honest I won a player run lottery early on and won 1.2 billion isk and it did nothing but make my experience more rewarding. With a good nest egg like that you can do some pvp and not care about how many cheap ships you burn doing it.

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the fact that alex wrote this, and referenced the fact the guy worked on big rigs tickles me.

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I want to bump your thread more also I didn't find the secret this time :(

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@Humanity said:

Peter Molyneux has gotten enough of my money over the years.

says "humanity" I see what you did there.

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@Sooty said:

If you are getting inconsistent frame rates then lower the settings, the most heavy performance hitters in most games are anti-aliasing, so take that off first, and then ambient occlusion.

Maybe you didn't pay enough or pick the computer/parts you bought carefully or perhaps you just aren't using a very great machine, so there's that, but still, PC games on low-medium still look better than console games these days.

You can't start complaining about inconsistent frame rates while admitting you are playing everything maxed out, you have the power to change this, and either way you're getting a better experience than the console versions, so I do not see the issue.

I don't know how consoles are magic. I go onto Steam (usually) buy my game, it downloads and installs within 20 minutes (fast connection) and then it's ready to play. Beats having to use physical discs any day of the week, PS3 games regularly have long-ass installs, too. (MGS4, Yakuza 4, Catherine, I'm looking at you)

As for me PC gaming is consistent, everything runs great and I can turn up the settings without worrying. My PC is not some dual video card beast either, it's actually rather modest: a 2009 model i5 quad, with a GTX 470 (super OC'd, though) and 8GB of RAM. It's hardly pushing the bank these days but hey Far Cry 3 runs silky smooth on ultra so it's doing something right.

I fully acknowledge that it's irrational of me I will try to correct this but somehow when it's my pc doing the things I get more particular about the visuals

@deathstriker666 said:

Take a break. Come back when stop you obsessing about the settings/framerate and just want to shoot dudes.

that's great advice it's most likely as simple as that :)