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I think the concept is really cool and the way your character controls is hands down the best first person exploration experience ever. They way you have to take hills and slopes into account while moving really helps immerse you in the experience. I'm wondering how this would feel with the oculus rift but I doubt that'll happen since these guys built the engine themselves so unless they really want to code rift support from scratch there's no way for them to do it.

I'm pretty far into my first playthrough at the moment and my biggest complaint (aside from being able to triangulate your position using 2 landmarks right next to each other) is actually about the late game. I'm not sure if I'm alone in this but the beast seems to appear way too often at this point. I'll be walking for less than 5-10 minutes in between sightings and even when hiding successfully have had the creature persist in searching for me for 10-15 minutes. Other times it gets stuck in an infinite loop where it runs around in circles forever and I have to try and sneak far enough away for it to despawn only to show up again 2 minutes later.

Other than that I'm really enjoying the unique experience and will probably try beating it as fast as I can for a second playthrough.

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When they announced that the Feb 22 launch 3G Vita will come with a 8GB card and a free psn game voucher (not sure what that entails exactly) I decided to get that one. The 8GB card will hold me over for now since I plan to start off with downloadable PSP games I missed (Valkyria 2 mainly). Later on I'll see what memory cards become available and I'll get at least a 32GB one if the price comes down a bit.

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Nothing revealed yet. I would bet on a $20 a month iPad style subscription.

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I came across a youtube poop of the show and after that instantly got sucked in..... I found out about its popularity afterwards. I can't really explain why I like it. I think the art style is clean and cute and I also find the characters pretty endearing. It's a guilty pleasure though and I would never go around proclaiming that everyone should watch it.

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Sweetness. I was somewhat down on the gameplay before (still thought it was above average) but seeing this has really boosted my morale.
Can't decide if I'll play ele or theif with my first character.

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Whoever it was that did the troll call is reading this forum and smiling becuase of all the attention he's being given.

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I also wouldn't be surprised if we got the next class reveal around then. I think we still have 2 Guild Wars classes left and one new one?

#9 Posted by Vitius (19 posts) - still doesn't have it in stock. Really hope they get it soon because I'd rather not have to order it off and pay for shipping.

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I would be happy to join a GB guild. I bought the first guild wars the day before the servers went live and tried to run it on my 500mhz computer. Those were the days.
I regret never being part of an active guild in the first game and I plan on playing this one a bunch so sign me up!

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