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Yeesh, that sounds like some real gouging. It is Activision, though, and it's not like they don't have a track record of charging more pretty much everywhere (notably $100+ for a digital "limited" edition of COD, recently). That still doesn't make it okay, but it does put this into perspective.

Every time I talk about Destiny I get a little more depressed. So much promise.

Yeah, and more content would alleviate some of my issues. I just can't justify paying 20GBP for each piece, especially if the early leaks are correct regarding how little content this 'expansion' has.

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So, other than the fact that the main issues I had with the game haven't been fixed (i.e. why don't the weekly strikes have matchmaking? I think the raids should too but, that's besides the point and I can sort of, sort of, understand their reasons for not including that), I have one major issue with the DLC: Price.

Now, that's hardly shocking, everyone thinks it's overpriced. But here's where the difference in regions comes in. My PS4 and PSN account are UK. That means the price isn't $20, but 20GBP. That's more than $30. It's literally half the price of the full game. And, considering the leaked content list, that's INSANE. If they were charging that much for both packs, sure, but just one?

And you might say, but games are more expensive in the UK than the US anyway, right? So it makes sense they'd charge more? Wrong. Games in the US are $60 on release, without fail, and that doesn't include tax if you live in some states. Games in the UK? I'd rarely find a new next gen game retailing for much more than 40GBP. Which is exactly the same US price. And yet the DLC is totally shafting UK consumers.

I love Destiny in spite of its issues but I just can't get behind this at all.

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Please don't fix this game Ubisoft.

Never fix this. Ever. It's wonderful.

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This is the first thing I've been able to find about the mysterious DriveClub PS+ edition. It's very odd that no one covered this yesterday or last night. Thanks for posting this, Patrick.

"We want everyone to know what's happening" is the most outrageous statement they could've made. If that was true we would've heard something yesterday. Not 24 hours later.

To be fair, they did announce this yesterday. GB was just slow on the news front.

Not that the communication was great anyway - it wasn't until after the other PSN+ games had gone live that they mentioned any of this. A lot of frustrated people were checking the store regularly in the hope that it had been unlocked. The whole thing was handled pretty poorly.

Sure, it's a huge free demo and that's nice, but expectations are key here. Don't tell people they're going to get something on a set day and then not update that information once it's no longer correct.

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I've played about 30 hours and haven't seen one yet. I'm level 23, do I have to be a higher level to get more of them?

Nope. Completely random. Best to buy the items using Vanguard points or the equivalent if you're desperate. I just got my first Exotic drop after 40 hours, had to buy my other piece of Exotic gear from Xur. Legendaries I've had a few of, sounds like you're just having awful luck.

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@vitor: I'm pretty sure you won't be able to do the raid successfully if you don't grind for 100+ hours. That's good design right there.

Yeah it's Level 28+

Well, now I'm confused. I'm sure I originally read somewhere that the first raid would be level 22, then over the weekend it surfaced that it would be level 26, now you're saying it's level 28? At this rate, it'll be at level 34 by the time it comes out and I'll never get to play the ghost damned thing.

The raid has 3 phases which you can do individually (though sequentially). The first is level 26 (but you can attempt it when you're lvl 25).

Oh, well fuck that then. I have no patience to go up 4 light levels. Also, I do worry that a significant portion of the raid will be reused content. Although there are a few areas in the game world that are weirdly barren so they could add stuff there, evenif I doubt there will be new enemies outside of some minibosses.

And yeah, the endgame is incredibly poor if they really expect you to repeat the (already minimal amount of) content that the game has just to maybe get a new piece of gear with one different stat. While I'm not a huge fan of borderlands, at least the loot was neat. Every piece of gear had like several different attributes that might be different.

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Ya, you'll see a new experience bar under your profile. It isn't your XP 'till your next Mote of Light; it's actually your Light progress toward your next level--only increasing when higher ranks of Light-infused gear are equipped.

Well, I'm level 21, and matchmaking just made me play through the same two strikes 3 times each. I might be done grinding until the raids are out or they release new content. My Warlock armour is awesome, all black and silver, and no decent weapons are dropping past the endgame rifle. The loot lust is minimal.

I'm bored. The endgame is just replaying the stories/strikes with harder enemies.. So repetitive. Sure, I probably put in 20 hours since Tuesday but, man, I'm burnt out.

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Well I'm an idiot. Just got to 21. Guess the light count just means your current 'actual' level and not the total amount of light you have. That's the progress bar underneath.

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So, my light count has been at 20 ever since I got my first piece of light gear (which was a +7). I'm now 17 total and it hasn't changed. What gives? Do I need to level up the gear or is there something I'm missing?

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Yeah, I watched the Purge video. I'm more interested in talking about Techies on the forums than just watching streams. I kinda did all that before I got here: not this guy's first rodeo and shit. I'm more interested in whether anyone has actually been successful using them.

Purge plays kinda poorly in that video. The only reason he was able to do any of that was because Slark was snowballing out of control. In a more balanced game, I feel like he would've had a much more difficult time. Ancients stacking is pretty cool, and good to know, since it's hard to farm with techies it seems.

Eh, Ancient techies, like ancient most heroes barring Tinker, is useless. Keeps you out of the game for too long.

Offlanne techies works great. Why? Because you can't be ganked. As soon as the game starts, run to the offlane, and mine all the gank passages. Stack mines on top of each other. It's a guaranteed kill and you don't need to worry about warding for vision. You can also mine just in front of the pull camp to be super annoying.

Then, just get levels, a soul ring, and rush ags.

Only ever put 1 point in suicide to deny enemies kills. And make sure to max stasis mines early as they're so damned good.