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Turns out DOTA was just a fad. It's officially over guys, pack up, no-one cares anymore.

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Last year's tourny was fun - especially well casted too. I'd be up for another.

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@dudacles: Brazil have won all three prior games against Mexico in World Cups and have yet to concede a goal against them. They also won convincingly against them in the Confederations Cup last year.

Will be a fun game to watch but a massive upset if Mexico manage anything more than a draw. Then again, as a Brazilian, I'm maybe a little biased.

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Also, Xbox One Controller drivers are out!

Seems like MS is doing quite the PC push. As someone who has no interest in a Xbox One for now, can't say I'm complaining.

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Gosh darn, what a hard thread to come back to. Miss you duder.

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Yup, Machinegames did a fucking amazing job with Wolfenstein. The concentration camp level is truly chilling, first time such a setting has been given the right level of horror and misery. Such a fantastic cast of fleshed-out characters, on both timelines. I prefer J because of this revealing conversation (and how they make up near the end):

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Someone spoil it for me: Does Wolfenstein do social commentary, or did Patrick pull a Patrick and stretch out a meaning where none was intended?

Woah, how did I miss this? Who is this guy? Is that because you sacrified Fergus?

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Please read the first post again.

His point is still moot. It doesn't matter that it causes more dura loss. Why are you hitting a dead enemy anyway? When I know 3 hits kills a guy I don't swing 4 times. Hitting ANYTHING causes dura loss so you really should never hit something unless you absolutely have to do so. How much dura you lose from it is meaningless if you use your weapons intelligently to begin with.

So please read my post and understand I am not refuting his point. I am merely stating that it is meaningless because for it to even happen means you have to be swinging at things you don't need to be swinging at which you should already be trying to avoid doing.

Yeah, you're just being stubborn now.

I had my main two weapons break in the easiest boss fight (congregation) because I didn't know that corpses affected durability. The corpses were scattered around the main bosses, so I couldn't help but hit them. One swing through 5 corpses with my Smelter Sword (low durability already) was enough to massively chunk down the durability bar. Still won but had to equip a third weapon mid-battle.

Here's the thing - corpses in this game don't seem to have the physical properties that they did last game (no physics). As such, it's easy to assume that they are just there for added visual density. It's not obvious to assume that they would affect your weapons in the same way that a living enemy/wall would.

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Uh yeah... pretty sure everyone should have already noticed you lose durability every time you swing. It also depends on the weapon as well. The Old Whip for example loses durability at an insanely fast rate if you hit armored dudes with it.

Uh yeah... That's not what he's saying. Read next time, thanks.

No he is saying he loses extra dura if he hits the misty stuff when a mob dies. I am saying "yeah... you hit something with your weapon that always causes dura loss and everyone knows this or should by now, and yes dura loss was also always based on what you were hitting versus the weapon you used." Not news dude if you pay attention while playing.

Please read the first post again.

He's saying that hitting dead enemies takes off MORE durability than normal hits. Check online, that's been proven and don't dismiss people so quickly on the forums. You were wrong in assuming that OP was just regurgitating info that everyone knew. Not everyone is aware of the penalty for hitting corpses.

The wall hitting penalty is obvious, that one not so much.

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Phil Fish is a hipster twat who thinks he's better than everyone else because he created 8-bit art for a indie game. He's not a genius and he's not cool just because he was in a good documentary. The documentary humanized his situation. However, it only takes a few minutes of research to see how big of a twat his really is.

Also.. No one likes a hypocrite. Also.. No one likes a guy who taunts and talks shit to his own customers. He shouldn't be successful with his attitude. Fez sucked.

Did Fish personally go round to your house and piss in your mouth? Because that's the only reason I can imagine for this aggressive thread necro.

Phil Fish is a breath of fresh air in this industry and is just saying what I wish people would say to entitled brats on games forums. The customer isn't always right. In fact, the customer can often be a massive douche and they deserve to be called out on that.

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With no lock-on and no health bar, you end up seeing most fights through that washed out black and white filter as you struggle to know how the hell to take on more than about 2 guys, whilst the awkward floaty jumping controls make you stick to random outcrops and lampposts anyway!

Do you guys find yourselves hanging back to take on wider groups of dudes? So far I'm hating every combat showdown, as the melee attacks are hella slow, and should you take the time to try and aim you'll just get ventilated by gunfire.

Help please!

Use the dodge. Constantly. Circle button is your friend. Also, there's plenty of crowd control moves. The smoke grenade has a huge radious and is super useful. The other versions of the move less so but it will clear out crowds.

Melee is a last resort . You should stay back but you can always get the jump on enemies. I'll often open up with a ground pound from up high, then dodge my way back to the rooftops and keep fighting there. You build up Karma bombs so fast that you can just pick off a few dudes and then unleash when you're having issues.