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I hope their other investors will put in a lot of money because 500K is a very low goal.

The hell is egoraptor doing there?

If they can't afford Hayter, they'll just use egoraptor to do an impersonation of him. Simple cost cuts.

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Bought, played and finished The Fall before I listened to the Best Story podcast.

I thought the story was good and all, but The Banner Saga got fucking robbed man...

Oh yeah, and I finally bought Wolfenstein the other day.

Amen. Banner Saga should have been a lot higher on all of the lists where it appeared. Not getting a runners-up spot for best art was madness. The characters really don't look that alike - as if it matters, they animate beautifully and the rest of that game is stunning.

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Explain to me as a European why what's happening in Ferguson is something I should know. It seems like a national problem that affects the United States, not the entire world. Plus from the little things I've seen of it I'm not even sure that cop was in the wrong to shoot that man. He threatened him with his life and punched him in the face (or was trying to), he feared for his life and unfortunately shot him. No matter what you may think, when a person that carries a gun is put into a life threatening situation they may actually end up using that gun to defend themselves. I don't think this cop would have hesitated to shoot a white person if that person had put him the same situation. The protests and and riots seem to be more of a response to bigger problems in the US' society, which are quite large. Ferguson was just the tipping point. All these riots and protests would never have happened in the Netherlands.

Except, even as a European, I know that the case you just presented above, as per the officer's own account, is deeply suspect. The version of what happened is not believed by everyone. Even deeply conservative US politicians/attorneys have questioned how the prosecutor (who has never indicted a policeman before despite being on several case against them) handled the grand jury.

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Uh, why is The Banner Saga not listed as a 2014 game? Guys?

The game Wiki has the correct date but it's still showing up as 2013. What gives?

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Yeesh, that sounds like some real gouging. It is Activision, though, and it's not like they don't have a track record of charging more pretty much everywhere (notably $100+ for a digital "limited" edition of COD, recently). That still doesn't make it okay, but it does put this into perspective.

Every time I talk about Destiny I get a little more depressed. So much promise.

Yeah, and more content would alleviate some of my issues. I just can't justify paying 20GBP for each piece, especially if the early leaks are correct regarding how little content this 'expansion' has.

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So, other than the fact that the main issues I had with the game haven't been fixed (i.e. why don't the weekly strikes have matchmaking? I think the raids should too but, that's besides the point and I can sort of, sort of, understand their reasons for not including that), I have one major issue with the DLC: Price.

Now, that's hardly shocking, everyone thinks it's overpriced. But here's where the difference in regions comes in. My PS4 and PSN account are UK. That means the price isn't $20, but 20GBP. That's more than $30. It's literally half the price of the full game. And, considering the leaked content list, that's INSANE. If they were charging that much for both packs, sure, but just one?

And you might say, but games are more expensive in the UK than the US anyway, right? So it makes sense they'd charge more? Wrong. Games in the US are $60 on release, without fail, and that doesn't include tax if you live in some states. Games in the UK? I'd rarely find a new next gen game retailing for much more than 40GBP. Which is exactly the same US price. And yet the DLC is totally shafting UK consumers.

I love Destiny in spite of its issues but I just can't get behind this at all.

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Please don't fix this game Ubisoft.

Loading Video...

Never fix this. Ever. It's wonderful.

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This is the first thing I've been able to find about the mysterious DriveClub PS+ edition. It's very odd that no one covered this yesterday or last night. Thanks for posting this, Patrick.

"We want everyone to know what's happening" is the most outrageous statement they could've made. If that was true we would've heard something yesterday. Not 24 hours later.

To be fair, they did announce this yesterday. GB was just slow on the news front.

Not that the communication was great anyway - it wasn't until after the other PSN+ games had gone live that they mentioned any of this. A lot of frustrated people were checking the store regularly in the hope that it had been unlocked. The whole thing was handled pretty poorly.

Sure, it's a huge free demo and that's nice, but expectations are key here. Don't tell people they're going to get something on a set day and then not update that information once it's no longer correct.

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I've played about 30 hours and haven't seen one yet. I'm level 23, do I have to be a higher level to get more of them?

Nope. Completely random. Best to buy the items using Vanguard points or the equivalent if you're desperate. I just got my first Exotic drop after 40 hours, had to buy my other piece of Exotic gear from Xur. Legendaries I've had a few of, sounds like you're just having awful luck.