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You people are CRAZY. Remove the first 20 minutes of both Wall-E and Up then tell me that they deserve the top spot. Not even close. Those are by far Pixar's most inconsistent films - unable to strike a balance between heavy handed messaging and pure slapstick humour. They feel like half-measures, too scared to see if the audience would actually have the patience to sit through more than just temporary thoughtfulness so they resort to childish humour, simplistic villains and idiotic plots the moment that they feel your attention might start to waver.

But yeah, Bug's Life has aged POORLY.

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@marc said:

You need to keep your multiplier going as much as you can. If you don't have enough points, certain humans die automatically.

Well that explains it.

I've noticed two sets of keepers appearing at once before, and the audio cue will double to let you know. Also, bombs definitely don't kill humans as I've cleared keepers/saved humans before with them.

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So I constantly end up hearing 'Human Died' despite the fact that I'm always on the look out for keepers.

I swear that the keepers audio cue just doesn't play sometimes which is maddening considering how hard it can be to make out what's going on in the background on higher difficulties.

Anyone else finding this?

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I love Dark Souls, I really do. But Demon's Souls to me was the better game and Bioshock was one of my favourite experiences of all time.

Sorry DS, but to me Bioshock had the bigger impact.

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Caps lock is not sufficient to express my displeasure.

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'Upgrading' to Windows 8 saw my FPS jump up by 20-30% and removed all the massive FPS spikes I occasionally had once every minute or so. To be honest, most of my other games have also seen a (much smaller) rise in performance so I'm glad I did install it but it was weird to see how much of a difference that it made.

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@klei said:

I know I'm in the minority here, but apart from AC2, AC3 is my favorite. I loved the setting and the storyline. I really like AC4 so far, but it starts showing all the wrongs of the game systems. That combat system has to go, it's total bullshit, it glitches all the time. Same with the parkour system. You should have a run AND a parkour button, i'm tire of climbing walls when I'm just getting around.

Other than that, excellent game. Can't put it down.

Or just have your character always run. If you push the stick forward all the way, you f*cking run. If you ever need to walk, just don't push it as far. That's the whole point of analogue sticks isn't it?

Why is this so hard for developers? I hate hold to run in games like Batman, Gears etc.

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Guys. Guys. 90% That's, like, almost 100%. And you know you can't beat 100%. So buy the damn thing, if you haven't already. If you pass on this deal there's something not right with you, man. I mean, 90%.


One of this gen's best games (and American Nightmare was a fun little romp too).