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Played the demo.

I love the look of all the lego games but hated playing them. This changed that. Looks rad but it comes out in the UK on November 15th.... WHAT?!

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@sweep said:

Glad that Treeant got a nuke. Fuck that guy.

Amen. Although I could never play him well AND stand in exp range for some reason. Apparently multitasking is too pro for me.

<== Also:

EDIT: God dammit GB post editor. Let me move the image under the text. Sigh.

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@extomar said:

Actually the Broodmother-web thing is kind of neat and one of those "Why didn't they do this before?" She should have been able to climb up on things that she has webbed. Duuuh!

The weird thing is that this and the Enigma Ags buff were both suggestions on a reddit thread about a month or so ago. Smart decisions.

Also - Bloodstone Axe is so gonna be a thing. MAKE IT SO.

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Ha - That no CD on Skywrath ult. Him and OD on the same team - FUN TIMES.

Also, thank God for that item activating essence aura fix. It's like a whole different game now.

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@mr_skeleton said:

I'm not sure what to think anymore, I think icefrog might have went a little too far this time.

Those pull camp changes:

Also, nice to see bounty on wards - finally a reason to hunt those buggers down. Those Tranquil Boots changes though - wow. Why would you ever not get one if the movespeed for all the other boots has been nerfed so much?

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Does that have any context at all? It seems like a giant bomb reference for the sake of it, just because it said bomb.

Which I am totally down with!

It's Ryan's frequent opening podcast line.

Although his was "Hey, everyone, it's Tuesday!". Still, a very subtle, yet massively awesome, tribute.

He said both about half and half

Yeah, I definitely recall him using both. Don't know what all the 'misquote' stuff is about as him saying 'everybody' is pretty much ingrained in my head.

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I am more sad that The Last Of Us will probably get ignored but hey....

Yuuuuup. Especially when Vinny and Drew said they wanted to skip parts of the combat. I'll admit that the last major combat section drags on but the rest was perfectly paced.

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Love it.

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I'm sorry, but this is just another classic scenario where Valve does something that had anybody else done, they would be getting torn to shreds. Nintendo releases a controller with a built in tablet? "That's so stupid!" These guys make a controller with touch-pads, and "Oh hey, ya never know!" I love Valve, but this is getting out of control.

Uh, not even a close comparison - this doesn't have a massive screen and pretend to double as a (poor) tablet. It's likely going to be far cheaper also and has way more uses.

Although, that button config... That looks awful for hack and slash games. Guess I'll wait and see.