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Caps lock is not sufficient to express my displeasure.

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'Upgrading' to Windows 8 saw my FPS jump up by 20-30% and removed all the massive FPS spikes I occasionally had once every minute or so. To be honest, most of my other games have also seen a (much smaller) rise in performance so I'm glad I did install it but it was weird to see how much of a difference that it made.

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I know I'm in the minority here, but apart from AC2, AC3 is my favorite. I loved the setting and the storyline. I really like AC4 so far, but it starts showing all the wrongs of the game systems. That combat system has to go, it's total bullshit, it glitches all the time. Same with the parkour system. You should have a run AND a parkour button, i'm tire of climbing walls when I'm just getting around.

Other than that, excellent game. Can't put it down.

Or just have your character always run. If you push the stick forward all the way, you f*cking run. If you ever need to walk, just don't push it as far. That's the whole point of analogue sticks isn't it?

Why is this so hard for developers? I hate hold to run in games like Batman, Gears etc.

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Guys. Guys. 90% That's, like, almost 100%. And you know you can't beat 100%. So buy the damn thing, if you haven't already. If you pass on this deal there's something not right with you, man. I mean, 90%.


One of this gen's best games (and American Nightmare was a fun little romp too).


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@psychonautics said:

I upgraded to Windows 8 for the performance increase, had been using it on my laptop for awhile. Its really not too bad. I didn't do any testing but it seemed like a solid 15 fps increase, this is on an i3770k at 4.5 ghz and GTX 680 FTW+ 4gb. There are plenty of programs to add the traditional start menu back, I don't ever see the metro screen - using Start8.

Me to. I wish my 680's were 4GB, I keep rubbing up against the VRAM ceiling a little to often in this game so I have to leave MSAA off (really unfortunate since the PostAA looks like total garbage).

That's crazy - my 680m is 4GB. I find it nuts that the far better desktop version wasn't that as standard.

Still, I can't use MSAA ever since the performance hit is huge so it's not like I'm winning out there.

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@crithon said:

early on in Burnley's Comunication Tower there's this amazing bug, where batman is trapped in a room and the vent is the only way out. I continued to try this, maybe 7 more times, then WBID would disconnect me. And it's not the only one, had a couple tragic ones in predator moment in the story. There's a lot of surface problems and path finding issues I keep seeing in the game, hopefully a patch may come soon. One can only hope.

Please feel free to share bugs you encountered.

Had the EXACT same bug. Annoying as hell.

Batman's hands never clip through objects like that either so there's clearly something wrong with the geometry there.

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Played the demo.

I love the look of all the lego games but hated playing them. This changed that. Looks rad but it comes out in the UK on November 15th.... WHAT?!

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@sweep said:

Glad that Treeant got a nuke. Fuck that guy.

Amen. Although I could never play him well AND stand in exp range for some reason. Apparently multitasking is too pro for me.

<== Also:

EDIT: God dammit GB post editor. Let me move the image under the text. Sigh.

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@extomar said:

Actually the Broodmother-web thing is kind of neat and one of those "Why didn't they do this before?" She should have been able to climb up on things that she has webbed. Duuuh!

The weird thing is that this and the Enigma Ags buff were both suggestions on a reddit thread about a month or so ago. Smart decisions.

Also - Bloodstone Axe is so gonna be a thing. MAKE IT SO.