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@pyrrhus19 Good Point. Hopefully we'll hear about that soon.

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Did I mishear it or did they mention Hatsune Miku in that Kid Icarus bit?

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Dammit! It didn't go into the spoiler block, and I don't know how to edit my posts. Sorry in advance.

Could someone tell me how to put things in the spoiler block?

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When I went to play Saints Rows The Third tonight it downloaded patch 1.04 which was about 130MB. Once installed I quit the game curious if there were any new trophies (I've got the PS3 version) and to my surprise there were some for The Trouble With Clones. Below are the trophies (hopefully in a spoiler block):

Trophy NameDescription
B.A.M.F.Defeat 15 enemies at Technically Legal using only melee attacks
Public Enemy #1Destroy 45 Police and Swat vehicles while protecting Jimmy's car
Weird ScienceComplete mission "Weird Science"
Eye of the Bee-HolderSpray 25 rabid fans with the Swarmitron
Sting OperationDestroy 5 Steelport Guard vehicles during mission "Tour de Farce"
Tour de FarceComplete mission "Tour de Farce"
Supaa-Excellent!Shoot down a helicopter with a Saints Flow fireball
Send in the ClonesKill a Brute using only melee damage while under the influence of Saints Flow
The JohnnyguardPrevent Johnny Tag from taking damage on the Magarac Bridge
My Pet, MonsterComplete all missions for "The Trouble With Clones..."
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Happy New Year Australia. It was very quiet and lonely this time, much like the majority of 2011.

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I've made my list too. For more detail click here

Otherwise here it is in order

  1. Yakuza 4
  2. Saints Row The Third
  3. Portal 2
  4. Catherine
  5. Stacking
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too true, although for a nation that's notorious for being game-unfriendly, we have the two Mana Bars, a gaming exhibition ever so often and an indie game developer conference called Free Play that is quite cheap to go to (at least back when I went in 2005) and you don't have to be a student or developer to be allowed in.

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No just avoided posting on forums, too much stupidity, and whilst i realise that this site is not immune, I like this site

I think you're referring to Mana Bar is Brisbane and Melbourne, and Yahtzee is a part-owner of that place i think

shame to hear about Mana Bar in Melbourne, I've always wanted to go there, and when I have a little bit money I just might

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I was kind of aware of that, hence one of the reasons why I didn't embed the video and editorialising at the start. I've haven't post anything on forums for almost 8 years

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