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Spare XB1 key:


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@deathtrap: Already pre-ordered. It's cross-buy. They also mention in the Play 2014 that all four games are cross-buy and cross-save.

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Did better than I thought I would.

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@zironz said:
@vladk86 said:

Is there an online archive of the GDC talk that they did?


Thank You!

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Is there an online archive of the GDC talk that they did?

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Gamertag: Quake897

Time Zone: Pacific -8

Current games: KI, AC4, Forza, DR3, Peggle 2, Halo: that twin stick shooter that came out on tablets.

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Why would you play one of the greatest games of all time on a phone/tablet? Should have picked it up on PSN or DS.

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Wait, what? Another game that runs/looks better on a console with the better GPU? Amazing!

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Demon's Souls depending on how much you hate yourself.

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I play regularly, so I'm in. PSN: Angelus897

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