What shape is lightning?

I was watching a lightning storm today and found myself wondering what shape the lightning actually is.  Does it come down flat, does it have a cylindrical or round shape?  We only ever see it from one angle, and only for the briefest of moments, so I have no idea what shape it actually is.  Worth a small thought.


Super Smashup Bros (mashup album)

During a SA thread about splicing songs together, a user by the name of Valley of Walls made a song mixing rap and Techno De Chocobo and put it on the internet.  People liked it.  He then returned to make a whole album of songs like it and it ended up being fucking awesome.  He has asked people to spread awareness about this album on the internet, and that is what I am doing.
Get the album here.  
So, if you ever thought that One Winged Angel could use some Soulja Boy, or that 99 Problems needs to be sung over the Mystic Cave Zone song from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, or that the Katamari Damacy theme would be enhanced with Eminem and Fiddy Cent, then download this album. 
and if anyone wants to check out the thread in which this album was first posted