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I haven't heard good Japanese written, English sung rap in a video game since the Dreamcast days, and this game has it on every level. Raps about mutated monsters, street fights, toxic environments....it's all beautiful.

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Except for the huge spoiler at the end, nice article.

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Jet Set Radio Future for the Xbox. Still one of my favorite games on that platform.

Final Fantasy VII for the PSX.

Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast.

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I picked it up from GOG after watching the quicklook. Enjoyed it for the three or so hours it took me to beat it. The level where you have to go down kinda sucks, but other than that I can recommend it.

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@GJSmitty said:

Also, I went a year without drinking any soda (some stupid promise I made) and, incidentally, that was the year I lost most of my weight.

Yeah, in terms of weight loss, soda is the devil. A two liter can have half a day's worth of calories by itself with no nutritional value whatsoever. I used to love Barqs, but Barqs only hurt me.

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For this journey, cardio will be your best friend. You can feel free to enjoy those dogs if you want, just watch the snacking, no liquid calories (various stores have carbonated flavored water drinks with no calories whatsoever. Wal-Mart's is my favorite) and push your body to the point of massive sweat nearly every day. I try to do 1000 calories worth of cardio six days of week. For me, that's usually 18 miles on a bike or an hour in the gym. Find what works best with you.

and because I really enjoy showing off, here's me

at 364 http://imgur.com/8Hs0S

and 204 http://imgur.com/Rgf6l (and this one is four months old. I've made progress since then in terms of size, but I've only gone down to 198)

Best of luck to you

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Congrats on that weight loss. It does take awhile and it's always too easy to relapse (the world gives you portions that are too large, then tells you to eat less), but with the right mindset you can make it. I've dropped 160lbs over three years and it feels good.

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Watching that video, all I can think of is that it's an April Fools joke almost a month late. That has got to be one of the biggest rip-offs I have ever seen. Seriously, at this point, at the only character that I would add to this game would be the Great Giana Sisters

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The biggest problem with Shadows of the Damned was it's length. It was about five hours long and very difficult to replay. No new game plus, couldn't really see what you had missed in certain levels, and the fourth level was bad enough to turn people off of even trying to play the game ever again. It makes an excellent rental, but there isn't enough there to make it worth $60.

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I chose other, the other being "I'm a whore for shiny technology and I didn't learn my lesson after buying a 3ds launch day".