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I bet you won't see either of these games on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list.


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Big the Cat obviously...

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Nah man, I actually want to play my games 10-15 years into the future.

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Sounds very much like a "Will Splinter Cell: Conviction have night vision goggles?" type question. It is very possible but please no!

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Not really a fan of this "let's put everything on Early Access" trend. Excited to see another Dirt game though, of some description. I hope it makes it to consoles.

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Super jealous!

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@mgmtmasseffect: I will get back to it someday. Personally not sure if I want to play through the whole thing again.

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I finished the game without fighting this Gehrman fellow. Bit of a bummer.

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@supersambo said:

Holy fucking shit

This beginning has angered me in an unreasonable way. You are going to drown me for what feels like 10 minutes? This actually feels like torture. I have no ties to this character, I don't give a shit about his story or what he is going through.

Then, after you inexplicably overpower the guard and drown him with one arm, you are left hobbling around at the slowest pace imaginable, breathing in a way that cuts me to my core.

How do you start a game like this? It is mind boggling that this was considered a good way to go. I don't mind slow starts, but this takes it to a whole new level. Torture the player before they even know what the hell is going on?!

I played the first 15minutes of Killzone Shadowfall 2 weeks ago after buying it on sale for £14, uninstalled it after that intro... HOLY SHIT it WISHES it was as good as the opening of the Order (which is still bad)

Killzone Shadow Fall 2? Anyway, yes Shadow Fall generally is a pacing disaster. How can a shooter that pretty be so dull?

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Good riddance. No excuse for his behaviour. None.