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A great game but several bugs and annoyances hinder greatness 0

Bethesda, known for their infamous Elder Scrolls series which are well known for being massive, expansive and will keep you entertained for a possible hundred hours of total gameplay. Fallout 3 is actually the first game by this company and generally, the series hasn’t had a real entry in the franchise since ten years ago when Fallout 2 was released onto the PC. However since then we have had two so, so spin off games Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel for the PC and Fallout: Brotherhood of S...

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Great addition to the franchise but it lacks content and length. 0

When Midway announced in early 2008 that the new Mortal Kombat game was going to be tied with the DC Universe, most people weren’t very happy. Even though there was Marvel vs. Capcom and X-Men vs. Street Fighter II released in the late 90s, this was a bigger surprise. If this wasn’t enough to piss off the fans but Midway also announced the game was striving to be rated T for Teen in . (The equivalent for the would be somewhere around 12+ to 16+) This meant that the game wasn’t going to have the...

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A Good Game Overall Though Not Fantastic 0

Up to this point, the Battlefield series has been typically a PC shooter affair and the consoles have only had one game in the series, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. While Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was the first Battlefield game made for consoles, EA and DICE's latest in the franchise is the first game to be made from the ground up for this generation of consoles and it is also the first game to not be on the PC. Battlefield Bad Company did surprise me for sure. I generally thought that Battle...

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