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@BBAlpert: Leo turned around for me in Blood Diamond. Such a great performance, and his weird African mix-dialect seemed spot on (at least to someone who'd just spent a couple of years with South African exchange students). After that he just blew up for me with Aviator, Catch Me if You Can, Departed etc.

I am now hoping Shitty LeBeef will do something similar because he seems to be getting roles in movies I'm very interested in...but I have serious doubts.

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@pyromagnestir: Coxinhas are these little things:

There is chicken meat inside them! And sometimes chicken WITH CHEESE! It's a typical brazilian food, and you can find it easily around here. In Max Payne 3, in the last stages, the cops have a bunch of them laying around.

Jesus that looks horrible...horribly awesome!

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Mental Models by Indi Young
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@Hizang: Nice, could use a bit of post-work to brighten it up, maybe crop it a little closer but that's a very good shot.

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@Hizang: Never mind if your phone could do it, it's about how it feels as well. Feels kinda better when you're holding an actual camera yeah? Also, sweet shot.

It does feel a lot better taking pictures with this than my phone, I don't know if this is weird but I was actually enjoying myself a lot more too.@Sooty said:

How's the zoom? If it has a good zoom that alone could make it worth keeping over the 4S.

So as this is the first DSLR I have owned I found it simply jaw dropping, that i could zoom in and then get it back into focus. But people said its not a great one, it's an 18-55mm for those that want to know.

Overall really having fun with it, defiantly will be keeping this, I just need to know how to turn the flash off. Does anybody know a great way to share my photo's, I was thinking of starting a photo blog, but would Flickr be good enough, oh and does anybody know any great apps for the Mac for "instagramming" photo's?

The 18-55 is actually a pretty good lens. It can handle most scenarios and I use it quite often myself. At 18mm you get a bit of wide angle, and at the full 55 you have an ok medium zoom.

As for the flash, I don't really remember that camera but I'm fairly certain there's a quick button with a lightning bolt somewhere. Otherwise it's a menu option.

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I seem to remember the giantbomb guys talking about an ios game thats sort of like sim game designer. That sounded cool. Anyone remember what I'm talking about?

That would be Game Dev Story, it's great.

Kairosoft Co. have done a whole bunch of cute little management games for Android/iPhone. I think my favourite so far is Dungeon Village.

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Something that gives me hope it will actually get done. So either you gotta have existing trust (Wasteland 2, DF Adventure etc) or you're going to have to show me actual work in progress, preferably playable to some extent.

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@Sooty: @Hizang: I never understood the fascination with zoom. I bought into it and got a 200mm lens and I've used it maybe 4 times. The good stuff in my experience comes when you actually move up close to your subject. Zoom lenses are only ever useful if that option isn't there, and unless you're a nature photographer (or, like, a pedophile) that's usually not an issue.

The amount of glass needed to make the magnification also means that unless you're willing to pay A LOT of money, you're going to get shitty quality shots.

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@Hizang: Never mind if your phone could do it, it's about how it feels as well. Feels kinda better when you're holding an actual camera yeah? Also, sweet shot.

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Nah, if someone hates me it's usually because I gave them a reason.