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I saw it like 10 years ago and thought it was OK (I'm 30). I wanted to appreciate old movies more so I started a project where I try to see all movies worth seeing since 1915 in chronological order. About 40 films later I'm getting there. Currently at year 1936. I've seen some really good movies that most people will never watch. It's kind of sad. (Metropolis from 1927. Holy shit it's impressive for its time.)

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This almost feels like a response to @jeff's tweet:

This all sounds pretty exciting to me considering Tom Francis himself started out knowing practically nothing about making games back in 2010 and then three years later shipping Gunpoint after having worked on it in his spare time. (He ended up resigning from PC GAMER to finish the game, but let's ignore that for now. I'm sure Jeff's future Kickstarter would do just fine!)

Edit: Part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DN6dZWXUEzA

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The Equalizer (2014). In the restaurant scene around the 01:31:09 mark. Vinny doing a Russian gangster impression?

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I can relate.

I keep buying games but usually gets bored playing them after about 1-2 hours for some reason. As buying a game and never finishing it is kind of depressing, I've switched to much shorter games - games like Brothers, Gone Home, etc.

It's not that I'm getting older and not having enough time. I actually do have lots of time but I seem to enjoy other forms of entertainment more nowadays. I consume most if not all of Giant Bomb's content, for example.

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Same issue here. Windows 7 SP1. Google Chrome 38.0.2125.111 m.

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I don't know if this is the right forum or topic for this but here goes: I understand the reasoning behind this but I have to say the browsing of previous episodes is pretty badly designed. It should update the list of previous episodes in place and not change the displayed podcast until clicked. Just like the videos paging system works.

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Oh crap. I found myself looking up prices on Wii U now. Sure looks tempting.

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Castaway on the Moon - Beautifully twisted little drama/romance/comedy from South Korea about a man stranded on a nearby island after a failed suicide attempt. A reclusive young woman, who have not left her apartment in years, spies on him from afar. The romance aspect reminded me about Amélie a little. 4/5