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Oh man. Gerstman Loves Yoshi. I heard Patrick talking about it but never got around to checking it out. Hilarious to think about that guy later looking up who the GameSpot editor was scoring Twilight Princess an 8.8. "Gerstman is his tier." Brilliant.

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Documentaries allowed? I don't think I've ever cried as much as I did watching "Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father".

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The second page delete thing sounds like a bug, you should report it in the bug reporting forum if it's not already there. As for the 100 item limit: It's for performance and stability reasons. But, it shouldn't be impossible to fix as imdb:s list system works with thousands of entries, allowing reordering and sorting. Like everything else... priorities, resources, money, and time... I hope they get around to fixing it eventually.

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It should work unless it's broken with the recent upgrade? Just go to the releases page and hit the Edit button that shows up when mouse hovering the release info for that particular release. (It's easy to miss if the release has a box art. It should be on the right hand side just under the box art image.)


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Demon's Souls II

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If by 20 year ongoing video game golden age you mean 30 year ongoing video game golden age, then sure.

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Happy whistling song from 9/20/2013 Unprofessional Fridays:


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@jacdg said:

Okay people, I haven't tried Hotline Miami yet, is the keyboard controls good enough for a dude who is primarily a console gamer not to get frustrated with? I recently played Mark of The Ninja and it wasn't AS enjoyable as it would have been with a controller (It was still great though).

Yes. Personally I much preferred keyboard+mouse in this game even though controller is supported and I do own a controller for the PC. Mark of the Ninja is different and controls a lot better with a controller.

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@kidable: With most games that puts storytelling as priority as much as gameplay, I'd agree with you (Bioshock Infinite comes to mind). For this game, scarce weapons and ammo, fear of enemy encounters, etc. is a big part of the storytelling itself.

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