Been a while...

Last time I spoke, I lived in Albuquerque and had a fiancè. It's now been at least 5 years and now I'm (back to being) a single guy and live back in eastern West Virginia. Just last week I graduated with a Computer Science degree with a concentration in computer graphics and games (programming), but I am now unemployed. That is not the death-knell of my gaming habbits however. Nowadays, I have an XBox One, my pc (which just got a graphics upgrade, to a Geforce 780 Classified)), an XBox 360, and a PS3 (although that's acting as my parents' blue-ray and netflix player).

The games I am anticipating now include: Watch_Dogs, Destiny, and Civilization: Beyond Earth; with a bit of interest in Harmonix's Fantasia (and hopes for a next-gen Rock Band).

I am also into non-electronic games...board games, of which I have a fairly respectable collection now.

I will try to get more active in Giant Bomb again.

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back to gaming...

it's been a while since i visited here, 'cuz well, my studies at ITT have taken much of my idle-time focus  But anyway, some things to note:

restarted playing WoW again, at least for a short time, i'll probably be expiring my account this next week, but it depends on a lot of factors; tho I don't see myself getting Wrath of the Lich King at all... and I keep having fairly frequent disconnect issues with it for some reason *sigh*..

on the other hand, the hand that holds the XBOX360 ... I finally got Rock Band 2 and am enjoying it, and I did the whole 'export RB1's songlist to RB2' option for 400 points, awesomeness, tho frankly most of the DLC lately has been of no interest to me at all, i'll need to hear the previews or youTube some of them tho as alot I haven't ever heard of..but really i have no motivation to, afterall with RB1 and RB2's songlists with all the DLC I already have, I have quite a few songs to be satisfied with for now.  I'm kinda missin some of the features, namely band tour online mode as i only have a silver account on xbox live, but i still get most of my satisfaction.  FYI, my RB2's band name is 'Biggles the Appocolypse'.


Spore galaxy ate my PS2 stuff...

So yeah...

several weeks ago i put $30 down on a reservation for Spore: Galactic Edition down at my local Gamestop, no big whoop.  Then last night my gf and I were discussing budget issues and decided to off-load (aka sell) certain items to alleviate our wallets' woes.  Among my contributions were most of my PS2 games and the guitar controller for GH2--dont fret (no pun intended), i have Rock Band for the xbox360, i'm not stupid-- (would have been the PS2 itself but I need to find the original video cable that came with the system, so it'll have to wait).  I can't recall all of them, and I won't list them here anyways as that's not the topic of this.  So, as I was saying, there went the beef of my uh..'old gen' gaming (aside from my NDS, which as a portable doesn't really count). 
For my games I chose credit, since ya get more for game trade-ins as store credit than cash, and while I was at it, I put it all down (~ $48 ) towards my Spore:GE reservation and finished the total price with a few $$ from my pocket, so now i'm completely paid for on the Spore Galactic Edition when it comes out week!!  awesome.  By the way, I traded (or plan to) in the games based on the last time I played them, neither of which I can remotely remember (it's been that long), so yeah, I'm not missing them by any means.  --tho I'm holding off on my tin-box CE of FFXII (looks way too cool, and it's something to do with my ps2 IF i get that bored)


Spore: Galactic Edition

the other day i put a reservation for Spore: Galactic Edition down at my local Gamestop.  Considering that my budget can barely afford a regularly-priced game these days, for me to reserve an $80 version says something; Spore:GE better be worth it--I hope to the powers-that-be that Spore isn't a let-down like sims2 was.  (not that Sims 2 was a bad game, it just didn't hold my interest for more than a couple of hours, if that)


Oh happy day

So today's Monday; I wake up, do the usual 'wake-up' routine (or more accurately.. lack-of-one) and check my email.  Lo and behold!  an email from Jeff / Giant Bomb (an email bomb ?!?!) announcing beta functionality.  Mentally ignoring the 'may not be up yet' warnings, I go ahead and check out the site (again) and find that there is indeed a sign-up option, which I promptly get into and well... the rest is history.

So here I am, typing in my first GiantBomb blog.

A little about myself in relation to gaming/computers/geekstuff:
The history:  born in 1974 real near Giant Bomb HQ (Sausolito, CA), left at 2 yrs old (so i dont remember any part of CA, sorry fellas), grew up in England for ~8 years or so.  My first 'interaction' with electronics that I'm aware of was a Sinclair Spectrum ZX, I can't quite recall which version it was, but I dabbled a bit in basic, bit-type 'drawing', and a nifty pointless app that viewed a wireframe 3d model of a wine glass (pretty hip for its time   :D.  I then moved back to the US in '85, to a little town in eastern West Virginia.  Here I lived for the remainder of my school years, acquired a pc (IBM-clone 8088, 512kb RAM, no HDD, etc...) but never really payed attention to the video game market (brother had an NES though), as games like Pacman and such just never really grabbed me (and dare I say, I suck at them still).  I wasn't REALLY into PC's however (I did dabble with GWBASIC a bit).. I figure I was a bit ahead of my time...

Not until I graduated high school and went off to Georgia Tech did I finally 'upgrade' to a 'better' PC:  a Packard Bell 486sx/20 (yeah, a Packard Bell BEFORE they went big, big-ol' POS).  Pulled out of/dropped out of that school after a year (college just .."wasn't my thing." and swiftly moved up the scale with the computer 'revolution.'  At about this time was my entry into the video game world, with a (launch) Playstation (PSX)  ... 'Ridge Racer!!!'... and Wipeout.  I also got hooked with Magic: the Gathering CCG, but several years later all ~25 of my somewhat valuable/powerful playing decks were stolen, and I haven't really played at all since then (and yes, I do miss those years).

Several years ago I moved to Albuquerque (NM) basically on a whim, and so here I am today.  I am currently going back to school at ITT-Tech aiming for an associate degree in Computer Drafting and Design, to be (hopefully) followed with a Bachelor's Degree in something more along the lines of computer modeling graphics and such. 

Current gaming systems I own:  a PC of course (modestly powered, an AMD 64 system custom-built), an XBox 360, a Nintendo DS (lite), and a PS2.  I have owned in the past an XBox, PSX, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and a Nintendo Wii (which I sold last year). 
I am not particularly SKILLED at games, but I have fun playing them.  My favorites being RPG's, driving sims (more along the lines of Burnout: Revenge), and puzzle/other games.  For PC's I prefer puzzle, RPG, RTS, and the occasional FPS (I do SO miss the old Unreal Tournament (1) days...*sigh*...)

I think that basically covers everything. 

oh, and GiantBomb rocks!  :)